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Choose your own adventure and create meaningful and impactful change.

Step forward in the life you deserve.

creative coaching

Feel empowered...

to create the changes you want.
To be inspired to make that thing you´ve been hankering for.
To feel motivated to (cue MJ from 1989´s Man In The Mirror) “make that change”.
Real life tips, not a strict, snooty approach. Room to ponder. Ask questions.
Explore and have an adventure.
Inspiration. Encouragement. Motivation.
Down to earth realness.
A different approach to creating a life that feels good.



There are two ways to work with me:

creative coaching

Find Your Flow

The real-life, sustainable approach to getting clear, focussed and in-flow

A 6 month 1-1 coaching programme for those who want to take it to the next level. Expect transformation.

Get clear. Release blocks. Move forward

creative coaching

Creative Catalyst

A 1-1 laser-focussed injection of clarity

For those who have a project in mind or progress.

Pick my brains. Get a radical shift. Get it done!

creative coaching

My coaching style

Things I'm interested in exploring

1. Spacemaking

Less tension, more ease, more room, more goodness, more potential. I´m into supporting people to show up in the world in ways that feels spacious, whilst taking care of themselves on that journey. Read more about that in my FAQ.

2. Self care

Always, all ways. I´m interested in self care for real life, for real people. The take-home real-life tools and techniques that are adaptable, sustainable and accessible. And most of all resonate with who you are and what you value. Sometimes, we weren't taught tools or encouraged to hold space for ourselves. I help humans feel empowered define their own versions of self care, to create their own rituals, and their relationship to them, hopefully finding ways to feel better everyday, whatever you have going on. Take care of you.

3. Growth

Moving forwards with integrity, staying curious not complacent.

I´m committed to growing, learning, and being open to new ideas for my own personal development as well as supporting others to go deep in exploring their own potential, intentions, dreams, hopes and plans. Essentially self development whilst making your own rules (see below).  

4. Making your own rules

Living according to your own terms, in your own way, reflected by your own authentic expression in ways that are balanced - that don´t leave you crashing or burning out. I believe you can design a life that is abundant, nourishing, exciting and real. It´s not about one size fitting all, rather a curious adventure. Practice. Enquiry. Exploration. Self care. Empowerment. Listening to what you need. Being open to possibilities. In ways that are real and true for you. And sustainable. Cause who wants a temporary solution when you can have a lifestyle transformation?

5. Doing You!

I´m passionate about people feeling empowered to claim their own lives. I´m a cheerleader, encourager and celebrator (is that a thing? Let´s make that a thing!) and want other great humans to be out there, living their best lives! We all have something unique to offer that´s valuable, so I´m praise of the individual whilst celebrating community and diversity. Do you, boo!

6. Keeping it real

Authenticity is my jam. Everything i make, share and do is rooted in it being meaningful, truthful and intentional.

7. Creativity

We are all creative beings and i value the importance of expressing your creativity fully. I encourage and remind humans to explore creativity for themselves without the pressures of labels or of things needing to be perfect (you're already perfect!)  I´m also passionate about creating offerings that i want to see in the world that didn't exist before. Whether it's space for community to form and grow. Or doing things differently.

8. Connection

Sharing content that resonates with good people - real people - that inspires them to find more space, connection and community. in real life and online. And being intentional with that in everything i do, share and create. It has to have meaning.

9. Vibes

- Good ones :) Cultivating and seeking out positive vibes yet holding space for and respecting resistance.

10 Feelings

Although i'm into good vibes and humans feeling empowered to feel better, i´m also an encourager of respectfully holding space to feel the feels, honouring and using them to trust your guts and listen to yourself a little better. Do what you feel, babes. My radioshow is dedicated to that. 

11. Healing

Creating spaces where healing and self care can happen using tools like creative coaching, movement, meditation, music and words. I´m interested in getting real about ways to heal and thrive. In taking care of our physical, mental and emotional health.

12. Finding Flow

I help humans find their flow in ways that are real, clear, focussed and accessible, avoiding fluff and superficial jargon and creating more ease (and less tension). I´m interested in a way of being that feels “in-flow” - that is, it feels easeful - despite obstacles or challenges - so i support humans to flow their own way, to make a life that is meaningful and exciting and literally, living the dream. We get to write the story we always wanted to tell. And to own it.

creative coaching


Who do you work with?

I work with people from many walks of life. They are people who are ready for big transformations in their life, they're tired of the status quo and want fresh new ideas and approaches. What they all have in common is an openness - a willingness to explore, to trust and believe that there is another way to live that doesn't mean you have to compromise who you are and what you love. They tend to be inclined towards a creative life - that doesn't mean they are necessarily an artist, but they might yearn to have more creativity in their lives, be it as a hobby or as a career. 

  • You might be a creative solopreneur working all hours and feeling unsure of how to find more balance.
  • You might be working a 9-5 and dreaming of a creative lifestyle. 
  • Or working part time and grafting on your side hustle.
  • You might be an accountant, or an architect, or a project manager and yearning for a way to reconnect to your truth in real-life ways.
  • You might be a person doing a load of different things, but find it hard to juggle it all.
  • Perhaps a freelancer, blogger, artist or creative entrepreneur. Perhaps you´re a yoga teacher, new or seasoned. Overwhelmed or uninspired.
  • You might be short on time, struggling to find ways to squeeze wellness techniques into your world or even where to start. 
  • Or worried that you need to be bendy or skinny or needing to give up who you are in order to relate to "wellness" or "yoga" or "meditation" or "a creative life" (here's the thing, you don't!). 
  • You might be on the brink of burnout, or gently finding your feet again.

I can support you to feel empowered and create a life that feels true to who you are. 

You don´t need to know what that looks like yet,
or how to get there: i can help.


What is Creative Coaching - is it therapy and does it mean i'm a failure?

Nah, it's not therapy - although some people call it therapy for your creativity - and no, i'm certain you're not a failure - sidenote: therapy doesn't mean you're a failure and i fully endorse it and anything that helps you to feel better!

Creative Coaching is for anyone who might feel stuck, that could use some support and a friendly helper to hold space for you to reconnect to your voice, vision and goals. Goals can sometimes be an intimidating word, but just to clarify, i think of them like intensions - they are moveable, you don´t get punished if you don´t meet them, and they are things that enhance your life, not deprive you of good stuff. 

People hire creative coaches for all kinds of reasons. For many, it's career focussed. Or they have a personal dream in mind - for example, to focus on wellness or to clarify their direction. I find that as life tends to interconnect with many different things, it´s useful to start with getting clear on you - that is, finding out the stuff that pings your pants, and from that, creating some goals (or intentions) and putting sustainable steps in place to reach them. It might be one goal, or many, but getting clear with your core values, visions, dreams and begin building blocks to make them real. 

What's your coaching style?

I'm not into telling people what to do. I have a non dogmatic approach and work with individuals based on their needs. I have 6 years of coaching experience and have helped people move from formulating ideas to creating a more authentic and fulfilling life. I tend to like to explore details but am keen to always offer a bigger picture perspective. So much is connected, so i like to embrace that. 

I see you, i hear you and we collaborate to uncover your focus, and get clear on what you want and how to get there. 

Medium-wise, you can expect lots of tools and techniques to dig into finding flow again (don't expect OHP printouts unless you make a special request). Audio, video, social media, multimedia. 

How can i tell which offering is right for me? 

Well, it depends on where you're at right now.

If you are feeling a little lost but ready to work on getting clear and focussed and inspired and empowered to explore your longer term dreams, the Find Your Flow option is probably a better fit so we can go deep and create solid foundations for your goals and make a plan that feels good where i can support you to dive in.

If you are already clear on what it is you're going for right now, but could use some support with something sticky, whether it's some time to pick my brains, strategise, have accountability, a fresh perspective and/or encouragement to see it through, then a Catalyst session is probably for you. Remember you can always book a free consultation with me over here if you want to talk it through.

Can you work with anyone in the world?

I can! (thank you internet!) and have had clients from many different time zones! 

We can figure out a suitable time together (this helps) and schedule our sessions in a feel-good place that works. 

But what do you need from me?

A Skype connection and commitment, babes. Yeah, i know, it can be a big deal, but i promise, if you show up to meet me and be willing to chomp at the plate of possibility, there's no limit to what transformations can happen! The first step is the greatest and if you're ready to take charge of designing a life that feels authentic and real and great and in flow, i've got you.

Sidenote: i realise it can be really annoying when people say that you can do anything, then give you really impossible things to implement that make you burn out and feel worse than where you began. That's why i'm into FLOW encompassing self care too. Together we get to define your gut goals and move towards them in sustainable ways that make sense in real life - you won't be expected to move to a hut in the middle of nowhere and sacrifice your everyday commitments unless you want to. 

What do humans get from you?

Someone that listens and asks the right questions. Guidance and suggestions but never lecturing or snooty "shoulds". A conversation not a lecture. Fresh inspiration. A different approach. Resources and ideas. Support with finding your focus and flow. Accountability. Non-judgement. Realness. Good vibes. And probably gifs in some capacity...


creative coaching
creative coaching
creative coaching

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