I help people create meaningful and impactful change with 1-1 creative coaching.
Choose your own adventure and let´s work together!

There are two ways to work with me:



a laser focussed coaching session


a 6 month creative coaching package

6 month coaching programme for those who want to take it to the next level. Expect transformation.

Looking for ways to feel more focussed, clear and in flow?

Tired of information overload and feeling you can´t keep up with all the “shoulds”?

Feeling in a rut and know you want to make some changes but aren´t sure where to start?

I want to help you to find your flow in ways that are real, clear, focussed and accessible, avoiding fluff and superficial jargon and creating more ease (and less tension).

12 sessions with me via Skype/ Google Hangout.

Investment: 1200 GBP

A laser focussed session with one month followup.

Pick my brain

have a project in mind and want some support getting it up and running efficiently?

Planning an event and need support from someone who understands the overview and appreciates the details?

Feeling like an injection of inspiration in your business?

Want a fresh perspective on an aspect of your work and how you can supercharge it?

Do you have a vision or something you're working on that you need support with?

Overwhelmed post your first yoga teacher training and unsure where to start or of your next steps?

Thinking about taking the plunge into a yoga teaching career but feel lost and lacking in confidence?

Looking for clarity and support to navigate your options as you head into a new world of yoga teaching?

Unsure of your “voice”, direction and path?

Feeling stuck, or unsure of your next steps, or are looking to rekindle your passion for teaching (and the reason you wanted to teach yoga in the first place!)

I can help you to get clear and focussed as you embark on this lifechanging path and carve out our own space, sharing your unique gifts and personality with your students.

Need support with developing your event. your blog. your course. your workshop. your retreat. your programme. your website. your podcast. your social media. you get the picture. i offer a different perspective. experience with running my business internationally. supporting people from a variety of cultures with differing experiences. 

Need a sharp injection of clarity? A Creative Catalyst session might be for you. 1 x 90 minute call.

Investment: 150 GBP

1) Find Your Flow - 6 month coaching programme for those who want to take it to the next level. Expect transformation.

2) Catalyst - 1 call with follow up via email