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Forget not being able to stand on your hands.
Or looking like a pretzyl.
Or not being able to meditate.
It´s not about being perfect.
Or wearing the right clothes.
Or looking like you are in a state of enlightened bliss.
Forget all that and instead let´s be real.
Real talk.
Real exploration.
And real adventures.
With a real nice soundtrack obvs :)


Yoga class playlists


My first yoga class was in 2001, a way to help me sleep and manage symptoms of anxiety. After years of various explorations and trainings, I started teaching yoga in 2010. Since then i've taught hundreds of classes in the UK and Norway, leading workshops, curating events and creating and running long term projects including the art + yoga project at KODE (the art museums of Bergen) and the Lick Yoga project, a pay what you can afford initiative for the Brighton community. 

My current offerings include:

* Weekly class in Brighton
* Weekly yoga videos
* Self Care sessions in Brighton + Norway
* Themed workshops in the UK + Norway
* Brighton Retreats

I´m also open to ideas so get in touch via the form below if you have requests!



I tend to pull from a plethora of movement and stillness studies, and am inspired by so many things that make it into the sessions. In my classes there will probably be Every class is different, but for “all levels”...in fact, i encourage “eating” the rules around levels and remember that everybody can “do” yoga. I´m all for reminding everyone that it´s “your yoga”. You define it as opposed to me barking things to do. Instead, it´s an offering, 75 minutes where i offer sequencing queues and suggestions of alternatives if you´d rather try it a different way, but also (always) space for you to do you. You always have the space to listen to what you need and take things wherever you like in that time, and hopefully, at the end of it, you´re feeling a little more connected to yourself by practicing (what i think is a very “advanced practice”!) listening to yourself and what you need a little better.



I´m interested in how we can utilise spaces in ways that aren´t the norm. Which is probably why i´ve taught regular classes in a kindergarden, various art and culture museums, a chicken shop and a fro yo factory. I enjoy taking yoga to places that aren´t the “norm”, whatever “norm” is(!), and also challenging ideas about what yoga is or isn´t, holding space for people to create their own experience and hopefully have a good time.


Practice with me online!

Fancy a practice with me? You don't need to be “bendy”. Lots of styles and vibes to choose from. And you can always send me a request if there´s something you'd like to see! 

20 minute morning yoga with dionne youtube
Yoga block party with dionne youtube
unwind and realign with twists yoga dionne youtube



Yoga @ the One Girl Band Space, Brighton

Every Tuesday 6.30 - 7.30pm

yoga at the one girl band space

Yoga @ the One Girl Band Space, Brighton

Every Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm at the One Girl Band Space!


Yoga event calendar


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Brighton Summer Retreat, July 2017

Brighton Summer Retreat July 2017

Our 5th yoga + creativity retreat in the city!


I´ve been running retreats since 2012 both in the UK and Norway which range from “get away from it all” holidays to day retreats in composors homes and art museums. It´s importantt to me that yoga is accessible, and although classes are great, sometimes it´s nice to get an opportunity to go deeper into the practice with more time immersed in movement and stillness studies. You can pop over to my retreat page and find out details about the next event HERE.


Something here you want to ask me about? Or want to hire me to curate a yoga event for you? Get in touch!


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