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Programmes to help you get clearer and more inspired without any need for green juice.



Join me in real life for public classes - everybody is welcome. Feel good and do you!

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Go deep in outrageously good times on retreat with us this summer!


For real life, not pretend

I believe in access and inclusivity.

Merging worlds, places + spaces.

Like yoga, art, music & wellness.

I believe in owning our uniqueness and exploring our own ways to take care of ourselves.

In Feelings and being well.

In self care

And real talk

And sharing things that are

Sustainable. AuthenticAccessible.

and mostly, Real.

Non snooty.

Chill, activate, feel good, do you and repeat. 

Take care of you.


Empowering people to be themselves since 1980

Feel like you´re sleepwalking? A bit off track or even lost? Find out how i can help you you find your way back to your best self in an authentic, meaningful and sustainable way. No green juice or health gimmicks required (but do you - always!)

Who am i?


I´m Dionne, a yoga and movement teacher, creative coach, writer and dj and i create events and experiences for people to feel better, more inspired, more connected to themselves and empowered to create a great life!

I work with humans and organisations in the UK, Norway and beyond.

I am a human (being) who loves life and good vibes and feelings. 

I also love movement, music, meditation and words. And sharing combos of these things in spaces and places that might not be the “normal” context. Cause what´s “normal” anyway?!

Most of all, i like sharing combos of these things in ways that are REAL and FUN with GOOD people. Real people. Who are also curious and interested in ways to make life better. In whatever ways that work.

Life is a bit of a mixup. I like to embrace that.

Polymaths unite!



I love what i do, so i made a load of things for you, for free! No catch, just vibes. I hope you enjoy them.

So what´s your vibe today?

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A heap of classes and styles to choose from- and humour! 

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I´ve got you, (babes). Expect mixes, playlists & my radio show

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Hi! I'm Dionne!

In a world that needs labels, i am a creative coach and mentor, yoga, movement and meditation teacher, dj, writer and event maker based between the UK, Norway and beyond.

But i’ve never felt that these boxes are meant to be contained. It’s at the heart of my work too, encouraging and supporting others to feel free. In every way.


You can jump straight into my projects if you want to see the kind of stuff i do, or here’s a rundown of my current offerings:

  • I offer short and long term 1-1 creative coaching services which you can read about here  I’m interested in supporting people to feel empowered to create the kind of sumptuous life of their dreams that feels good. And to enjoy the process. And to explore the experience. I’m also very passionate about creativity, self care and feeling your feels which runs through every part of my work.

  • I run yoga, movement + meditation events workshops and retreats (that also have big dollops of coaching and music) in the UK and Norway and online. You can see what’s available and upcoming via my yoga related site Space is the Place.

  • Every week I share musings on my blog, which is a little planet of things to inspire and encourage feelgood and being well.  think Myspace before 2005

  • I send out the Digest where you can expect to hear stories and pep talks and personal updates and a roundup of inspo like playlists, videos and resources that i hope will be useful. I also announce all my events there first (so you get first dibs and “special-special” offers). You can expect mails from me at least a couple of times a month but weekly at the max!

  • My podcast I Feel For You is made with love to offer feel good inspiration to feel better.

  • My radio show FEELINGS celebrates the human spectrum of emotion (and offers an ample bathroom disco/bedroom gyration/unhinged dinner party vibe/dance-walking to or from work soundtrack!)


...is that enough to get started on?

Or fancy some free resources immediately?

(or fancy digging into some of my fave blog posts immediately?)


Where to find me in the rest of the world:


  • Instagram: for visionboards, colour therapy and spontaneous essays
  • Twitter: news and bantz (memes)
  • Youtube: videos (of course!) yoga, movement, meditation and my travels!
  • Spotify: for bathroom disco, movement practices + dance-walking content
  • Facebook: sometimes but it’s mostly run by Ketil!
  • Tumblr: for secrets

Want to dive in deeper?

Here´s what events, retreats and offerings i have on at the mo!


Want to look around the blog? 

Writing is life. And i create resources for you about a lot of life suff, including authentic and accessible self care, real talk about managing the challenging stuff (usually with some lols and gifs). I also talk about life in between the UK, Norway and beyond because i´m based between two countries!

It´s generally a multimedia fest as although i was born in 1980, i´m still vaguely categorised as "millennial", but i don´t really think anyone knows what that means :) :) :) 

I also collect and curate resources and create feel-good inspiration holes. You know, like the good stuff you find on the internet and irl but aren´t sure how what to do with it? I´ve got you. And them. Some of them at least. That i hope will inspire and delight you.

Here´s a few of my recent posts, or feel free to head right on over there and coat yourself in my blog duvet. 

Inspo direct to your inbox? 

I´ll shower you with feel good things, plus you´ll get first dibs on free stuff that i don´t share on here.

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Fancy working with me?

Here´s a list of projects past and present and ways we might be able to work together!