Take Care of You: Autumn

Take Care of You: Autumn


Take Care of You: Autumn - an online creative coaching group

My intention
Supporting you to define your own version of self care is at the heart and core of this offering.
I hope that this course encourages and inspires you to explore and get creative, using inspiration from the tips and resources i've shared.

What is it?

I’m holding space for the month of October to be a group coaching month, to support us transitioning into the autumn season. Together, we explore how we can take care of ourselves and our creativity!

It’s a practice, so this intimate group is for those who want to commit to their wellness goals, but do better having accountability buddies in the mix. It’s not a bootcamp, more a lovefest. ...Hold on, did that sound weird? Ok it’s more a space to be you, bravely.

To feel progress with your wellness and self care goals

To nourish your emotional health

To practice mindfulness and creativity

To develop and deepen your own yoga and movement and self care practice

Life nourishment 101 ✨

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Additional payment info if you are based in Norway

If you would prefer to pay with VIPPS, you can pay 1600 NOK to Ketil’s account and send us a mail at hello@dionne.space or use the contact section. Phone number: 45082772 Name: Ketil Kinden Endresen

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