These are rituals that focus on how we can sync ourselves up with the season!

We are the stars!

There's no getting away from it, we are comprised of and from nature. We are the stars. The earth. The sea. Space. But sometimes we forget or become distant from it.

I'm always astounded how deeply affected i feel by the moon for example. Or by going to the seafront or up a mountain. For centuries, we humans have found connection to something bigger than ourselves through nature. Whether it simply being, receiving perspective of our place in the landscape/universe, or a spiritual connection. Check out equinox at Chichen Itza for example.

Whatever your beliefs, nature is a wonderful way to remember yourself. To appreciate and celebrate transition, change and cycles. Autumn is a time when many trees shed their leaves. When hibernation preparations are in action. Things die off and become something else. The energy captured via photosynthesis in the leaves transitions to become nourishing food for the ground. Although autumn isn't as extreme a season as the spicy heat of summer or the often bleak wintertime, it's a colourful, very visible transitional season.