My relationship with Autumn


cat in leaves

I haven't always been comfortable with transitions. And I used to really struggle with this time of year. The S.A.D was real. Living in Norway and experiencing the extreme weather and darkness of winter that was literally like an episode of Fargo (just with more rain), i struggled to find the light. Literally.   

But experiencing my fair share of Nordic autumns and winters really gave me the greatest gift: To really appreciate this idea of creating light and stability for myself.

Yeah yeah, i know that might sound like something cheddary you see on Pinterest (...and i do spend a fair amount of time on there to be fair...) but it´s true. It's good to remind ourselves that you can *ahem* weather the storms of autumn and winter, the shifts and turns in between, and in fact, any wild ride be it a change in season or a massive life shift. 

But you have to start with yourself first. 


Taking care of ourselves. 


My intention

Defining your own version of self care is at the heart and core of this offering.

I hope that this course encourages and inspires you to explore and get creative, using inspiration from the tips and resources i've shared.

On: my approach to self care

I feel it's necessary for each of us to embrace our individual styles of taking care of ourselves.

You can read all the links/articles/magazines/blogs you like that tell you "click here for the only 10 things you need to get motivated/find your pizzaz/get a job/be happy this season", but it's not going to change anything unless it comes from you.
That is, with your own reflections and considerations.

It's not a one-size fits all thing. So please be reassured all of this is a guide. A portal that you might dive into systematically work through. Or a bookmark to dip into depending on what's calling you on any particular day.

It's your call.

I really hope there is be some stuff of value that pings your pants which you can apply or adapt for yourself to get what you want. Be it balance. Contentment. A job. Self acceptance. A deeper connection to yourself.
And so on.

Autumn is a super symbolic season in our calendar, but its lessons it can be applied to life whatever the season and we will explore some of them. There's offerings and some examples of things that you might explore, but see what works for you.

I really hope it helps you to find inspiration and the balance you need to ride out transitions, *ahem* whatever the weather.