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July Journal 🌺

fancy a gigantic “lately” scrapbook update + diary of my summertime moments? expect a behind the scenes gander at my inner landscape (not a euphemism), news updates, resources, personal photos, peach outfits + a playlist! 

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Self care to shift your state! ⚡️

Sometimes we just need an injection of something to help us on our way. Cause life can get tricky sometimes. We might be stuck in a situation. A limiting belief. An unhelpful way of being. And need a little reboot. So, here’s an offering of a couple of things to help support you in shifting your state. To one that is thriving not just surviving. 💜

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Cosmic Summer self care

We are moving through an intense time energetically. It’s officially eclipse season and we’re approaching summer’s full bloom. So what kind of soup does that make?

Here’s a bumper blog post digging deeper into ways we can find balance during the summertime including an analysis of current (and future!) cosmic energies, the impact of the planets and our environment, Ayurveda resources and heaps of creative self care tips for you to support you to feel better.

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