The trap of self improvement ✋🏼 // Transcript of I Feel For You podcast episode 30

There is so much talk about self improvement.
But what if we did something radical. And instead of trying to strive to be something else, something more, to have more to be more to acquire more
To be more neat. More fun. More healthy. More fit. More comfortably off. More well travelled. More woke. More liked.

What if we instead,

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Playlist: Soup for One 🍵

I know, i know, a feed is overdue 🎶🍽. So how about some melodic soup for the soul? Need to rinse that winter residue? Sweep the layers of crust away? Revive chilly organs? I’ve got you!

Come vibe with me with these very danceable (even if i say so myself) very free-feeling selections. Take as regularly as you need for a healing musical tonic.

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