A 1-1 laser-focussed injection of clarity

Pick my brains. Get a radical shift!

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Feeling a little stuck on your mission?

  • Working on something but are unsure of how to move forwards with it?
  • Craving some fresh inspiration?
  • Need that little friendly nudge to help you stay on track?
  • Want down to earth support and accountability from someone who understands the overview and appreciates the details?
  • Want to thrash out your ideas and get some clarity in your next steps?

That´s where i come in.

Pick my brains. Become unstuck. Explore ideas.
Feel supported and accountable.
Get it done!


Get to where you want to go!

Get a fresh perspective on your project.

You´re not stuck!

Get focussed and clear on your mission so you can move forwards.



  • Planning an event and
  • Considering a career change and



Together we will talk through your area of focus. I´ll offer insights and practical suggestions to help you move forwards.

The package includes:

a recording of our call  - useful as we´ll cover a lot of ground on our call

practical suggestions 

clarity and insights 

one month follow up

What kinds of things might i be able to help you with?

Perhaps you need support with developing your event. Your blog. Your course. Your workshop. Your retreat. Your programme. Your website. Your podcast. Your social media project. (...You get the picture!)

People have hired me for a Catalyst sessions for all kinds of things including:

  • Asking about the realities to consider when becoming a yoga teacher.
  • Getting back on their wellness targets.
  • Setting up retreats internationally.
  • Technical support with web
  • Creating a podcast / radio show / blog
  • Having fresh eyes to run ideas past.


Why me?

I offer a different perspective and have been supporting people from a variety of cultures from a plethora of industries. I´ve also been running my business internationally for seven years. You can read a little more about some of my projects over here. I´ve helped people transition from careers, start new creative projects, pick up their targets, reinvigorated their relationship to their project/event/career....

I´ll help to remind you that you´re not stuck, and to take charge of your power. Sometimes we forget it and get a little cloudy. 

You´ll always receive honesty, encouragement and accountability from me. You´re encouraged to dig deep and explore in order to get clear and create a plan of action of your next steps to move forward. Then, i´ll send you inspiration, tools and check in with you up to a month after our call. You´ll have unlimited email access with me during this time. 

If you´re looking for a catalyst and it´s results you want, this is for you. 



My approach


I'm passionate about supporting others to feel more inspired and holding space for them to create transformation.

I'm interested in authenticity and creating meaningful strategies to live your best life - for real and not pretend - i´m interested in a sustainable approach to changing our lives, so we can be equip for the long haul.

I'm not a believer in telling anyone what to do, or for following the rules and expectations that are often placed upon us. Instead, i'm excited to explore limitless possibilities then to put those dreams into action to become real-life.


I have years of supporting people from many different backgrounds, careers and ways of being "stuck" to move forwards, get unstuck and to create positive changes, both in my roles as a movement teacher and in coaching sessions 1-1 as well as in groups (you can look at my portfolio here and read more in the FAQs here).


As well as supporting many others to create life changes, I've tested these techniques on myself and created a lifestyle that seemed impossible on paper. Impossible to even dream of.  If I can design a life I love that feels meaningful and authentic, then anybody can.

This is for you if...


Some examples of HOW I can support you include:


What not to expect:

A dogmatic approach. I won´t tell you what you “should” do, nor preach from any particular method. Instead, i´ll encourage you and support you to dig deep and explore your own path, voice, message and actions/visions/plans and dreams, so you can make them real.


Here's what you can expect from the session

  • Pre consultation form to identify the focus of our session.
  • Getting real. Plotting a plan and roadmap.
  • Execute ways to take action sustainably with check-ins and reflection

Get unstuck.

Move forwards.





Investment: 150GBP

1 x 90 minute call

Recording of our sessions + personal page

Follow up email support for 1 month

Resources, inspiration + weekly email check ins

Any questions?

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