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The real life and sustainable approach to getting clear, focussed and living your best life



The real life and sustainable approach to getting clear, finding flow and living your best life


  • Looking for ways to feel more focussed, clear and in flow?
  • Tired of information overload and feeling you can´t keep up with all the “shoulds”?
  • Feeling in a rut and know you want to make some changes but aren´t sure where to start?

Perhaps you've tried lots of different models trying to move forwards but keep ending up uninspired, running out of steam and deflated?

Often that can happen because we are trying to apply someone else's ideas about a way of being to our lives rather than creating our own vision of what we want and most importantly, HOW we want to live our lives.

I want to help you to find your flow in ways
that are real, clear, focussed and accessible,
avoiding fluff and superficial jargon
and creating more ease (and less tension).


I'm interested in authenticity and creating meaningful strategies to live our best lives, so we can be equip for the long haul- it's a lifestyle thing and adapting our mindset to meet our needs is crucial.

I have years of supporting people from many different backgrounds, careers and ways of being "stuck" to move forwards, get unstuck and to create positive changes under my belt both as a movement teacher and in coaching sessions 1-1 and in groups.


I'm passionate about offering ways to feel more inspired and holding space to create transformation.

I'm not a believer in telling anyone what to do, or for following the rules and expectations that are often placed upon us, rather I'm excited to explore limitless possibilities then to put those dreams into action.

I should know- I've tested these techniques on myself and created a lifestyle that seemed impossible on paper.  If I can make a life I love then anybody can feel empowered to do the same in their own way. However you have to be ready to invite change into your world. To be hungry and open to possibility, to do the work and get real with the idea of designing your life.


Here's some things I can support you with:

Some examples of what I can help you with include:

  • unblocking stagnancy to uncover what flow means to you
  • accountability /being accountable to the things you want to bring in
  • holding space to explore- I'll ask questions and offer exercises to dig deep
  • help you set realistic and sustainable goals- the whole point Is this is a process - a way to shift your mindset, so you can keep going out there in flow. It's natural to feel that desires change- so we stay adaptable and in flow with that.
  • seeing the bigger picture but also staying focussed on the details
  • tools and techniques to stay organised
  • creating rituals that are meaningful to you that help you to stay in flow
  • exercises to explore what you crave
  • identifying craving vs yearning
  • unpick unhelpful fluff that's clogging you up- might be a pattern of behaviour or unhelpful thinking that's getting in your way
  • dissecting your dreams / goals
  • taking an honest look at what we are exposed to and analysing what is most useful and leaving behind the stuff that´s not.


Here's what you can expect from a typical session

  • pre consultation to see how we can work together so I can support you moving forwards to find your flow
  • explore your core values to find out what floats your boat and create goals for our time working together.
  • visioning big. Opening to possibility. Navigating blockages effectively (for real life)
  • Getting real. Plotting a plan and a roadmap.
  • Execute ways to take action sustainably with check-ins and reflection.

More flow. Less ease.






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