How I can help

what to expect

embracing vulnerability. understanding empathetic/considerate/relatability ear


Enthusiastic support, space to chew, invite clarity, a caring listening ear and intuitive advice delivered with love and possibly Ethel, my alter ego, depending on the situation. (sometimes she shows up in Coaching calls, as a loving, spicy and unapologetic encourager of you doing you! You can meet her here )

Either way, i guarantee we’ll connect in a safe space with no judgement, and dive into real talk, thoughtful prompts, intentional joy, strategy for your next steps and give attention and focus to your self care throughout, because i want you to feel the long term impact and results of the coaching sessions beyond our time together.

No copy-paste here, i honour and celebrate the wonder and uniqueness of each of my clients, so expect a service tailored to your own needs.