Creative coach, yoga + movement + meditation teacher, writer, podcaster & dj

About Dionne

-Human being, encourager, enthusiast of many things, feeler of feelings
-Very much about non-snooty “wellness”….non-snooty anything
- INFP, 4w5, Pisces sun, Gemini moon, Vata

Hiya! I'm Dionne, a creative coach, yoga and meditation teacher, dj, writer, spacemaking event maker, but above all, a human being that loves life, good vibes and feelings.

I also love movement, memes, music, food, words, self care, colour, creating spaces that didn’t exist before, cultivating community, collecting inspiration, explorations and adventures.

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And sharing combos of these things in spaces and places that might not be the “normal” context. Cause what’s “normal” anyway?!

Most of all, i love sharing combos of these things in ways that are REAL and FUN with GOOD people. Real people. Who are also curious and interested in ways to make life better, more inspired, more abundant, more in-flow. In whatever ways that work for them.

I'm currently based between the UK and Norway. I run community events, retreats and experiences in both countries and beyond (thank you, internet!) as well as working one to one with my creative coaching clients all over the world. Life is a bit of a mixup. I like to embrace that.

Polymaths unite!
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What some have said


“Dionne has the most fantastic energy, she truly has a skill for listening, for asking the right questions as to why I wasn’t putting myself out there with something I really wanted to do, and after one session I’d hit the ground running! I can’t recommend her coaching skills enough…she also selects the very finest dog gifs the internet has to offer!”

- Andrea Fox, broadcaster & creator of The Age of Plastic Podcast (Creative coaching)


'Dionne is amazing! She helps put everything in perspective and helps bring out the best in yourself in a way that is uplifting and accessible.'

- Kirby (Creative coaching)


'Dionne is really positive and inspiring and a talented person with a great deal of experience, so you trust her :)'

- Anastasia (Creative coaching)


'I love Dionne’s yoga style, and the fact that there are no strict rules, nothing is “wrong”, you just do what feels right for you. An investment for body and soul!'

- Grethe (Yoga + Movement)


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