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I´m Dionne, a yoga and movement teacher, creative coach, writer and dj and i create events and experiences for people to feel better, more inspired, more connected to themselves and empowered to create a great life!
I work with humans and organisations in the UK, Norway and beyond. I am a human that loves life and good vibes and feelings.



No matter how difficult/impossible things might feel, I believe you have the power to change your life!_ live your life on your own terms___


There are times in our lives where we might feel powerless. We might feel stuck, or like we have lost our way. 

That might be for all kinds of reasons. 


Life getting in the way.

A job that becomes different to what we expected.

A dramatic life change.

A relationship that was imbalanced.

We might simply forget. Forget the power we have.

So i´m passionate about people feeling empowered to claim their own lives. 

And doing it by being it - 

living according to your own terms, in your own way, reflected by your own authentic expression of it.




self development needen´t beladen with pressures to be like anyone else. or to subscribe to another standard of doing things. i mean changing your life and living it according to your own terms. values. and creating goals that are meaningful to who you are.

i´m really not about that life that tells us to adhere to societal expectation. or to conform to a way of being that feels false and superficial. i believe there is a different way. do you?

then let´s connect!


are you tired of the labels and expectations of sociatal "norms"

do you want a "different" approach to living the life of your dreams? and making those dreams real?

exhausted at having to clip your wings, dim your shine or conform to a way of being that doesn´t feel authentic?

feeling overwhelmed at all the self development stuff that´s out there telling you contradictory rules for living?

deep down trust that there´s something more? 

there is more.

you can design a life that is abundant. nourishing. exciting. and make your own rules (then eat them if you like). I´m not really "into" the idea of rules tbh...i´m interested in a way of being that feels in flow - that is, it feels easeful - even in the sticky and difficult moments - cause there will always be challenges in our life journeys - but we don´t have to be defined by them. Instead we get to write the story. Create the environment. 


I also love movement, music, meditation and words. And sharing combos of these things in spaces and places that might not be the “normal” context. Cause what´s “normal” anyway?! Most of all, i like sharing combos of these things in ways that are REAL and FUN with GOOD people. Real people. Who are also curious and interested in ways to make life better. In whatever ways that work.

Life is a bit of a mixup. I like to embrace that.

Polymaths unite!

I´m currently based between the UK (south coast- yo!) and Norway (west and east coast-yo!). I run community events and "experiences" (feel like a wanker to write that but it´s hard to define things sometimes...!) in both countries and beyond.




I work with people from many walks of life. What they all have in common is an openness - a willingness to explore, to trust and believe that there is another way to live that doesn´t mean you have to compromise who you are and what you love. They tend to be inclined towards a creative life - that doesn´t mean they are necessarily an artist, but they might yearn to have more creativity in their lives, be it as a hobby or as a career. 

You might be a creative solopreneur working all hours and feeling unsure of how to find more balance. You might be working a 9-5 and dreaming of a creative lifestyle. Or working part time and grafting on your side hustle. You might be an accountant, or an architect, or a project manager and yearning for a way to reconnect to your truth in real-life ways. Perhaps you´re a yoga teacher, new or seasoned. Overwhelmed or uninspired. You might be short on time, struggling to find ways to squeeze wellness techniques into your world. Or worried that you need to be bendy or skinny or needing to give up who you are in order to relate to "wellness" or "yoga" or "meditation" or "a creative life" (here´s the thing, you don´t!). You might be on the brink of burnout, or gently finding your feet again.

I can support you to feel empowered and create a life that feels true to who you are. 

You don´t need to know what that looks like yet, or how to get there: i can help.


Everybody deserves access to transformational tools that that are authentic, accessible and sustainable.




I´m a creative coach, yoga teacher, writer dj and above all, human (exploring "being"), and my work involves spacemaking, namely:

  1. Holding space for people to create more space for themselves via my yoga classes, workshops and retreats, as well as
  2. Sharing resources for people to access spacemaking techniques, either via coaching, my digest, the blog, through my playlists and radio show and my courses, but also,
  3. Transforming physical spaces into welcoming and curious environments to create events and experiences in, for example with my art + yoga collaborations at Grieghallen, in Norway.

I love to play with space - exploring and sharing ideas about how we can take up space in the world in the most authentic and meaningful way possible, and also how we can create more of it, via intentional methods like Self Care. Many different mediums inspire me - so i enjoy merging and eating the boundaries with my projects, for example, the arts with yoga, sound and meditation.

I´m based between Brighton UK and Bergen Norway which also draws on my interest in the concept of space - i´m interested in how we show up in the world and for ourselves, in real life and online. I feel so lucky that my clients span continents and i get to show up for them through resources they can access both online and offline. 

Space is the place! 



At 19, i had survived a dysfunctional, violent and abusive childhood, my best friend had died a couple of years before, and i was in the midst of a very boring eating disorder. I felt rootless, lost and carried the legacy in a giant rucksack of anxiety and underlying depression. Back then, they didn´t really have much terminology for it. But nowadays, thankfully, there´s more awareness about how our lovely brains work, and how we can manage symptoms, hopefully getting to the bottom of it and finding ways to live fully, despite it. Even in the darkest moments i knew there had to be more. Even if i hadn´t been taught how to find it, i was determined to discover it myself. Cue a lot of therapy, councelling, and my own seeking. I went to my first yoga class that year, mainly to try to find ways of managing anxiety and tackle insomnia. Since then it´s been a constant thread.

I´d moved around a lot as a kid, schools, villages, towns, cities and countries, which i think helped me always explore and unpick human behaviour, cultures and how we find our place in the world. I´m also mixed race and a geek, which only fuelled my core desire to seek and explore.

I dreamed of a life where i had the freedom to create the things that didn´t exist but that i wanted to see in the world and to do it whilst being real and authentic and kind because i truly believe you can make stuff and be in business without having to be mean. I hustled. By hustle i mean grafted. I got hurt. And ridiculed along the way, being told i was too "nice" or smiled too much...so grafted some more. Then i burned out. This pattern continued a few more times because basically i wasn´t taught there was any other way. But something kept telling me that there had to be more. And eventually, i realised there has to be more.  A more balanced way to find your focus. To implement self care on the everyday. To create and live your creativity, no matter what societal label you wear (willingly or reluctantly!). Whilst being true to yourself. I wanted authentic connection to myself and to others.

The offerings i share come from those learning moments.



My mission: to make yoga, movement, music, the arts and self care for real life, accessible and not pretend. That doesn´t even work as a sentence. But i think you might know what i mean. Anyway. I´m a mixed "race" - whatever the hell that is - human, so inclusivity is really important to me. That endless straddling between places spaces and peoples. If that makes sense.

I´m committed to producing meaningful offerings that provide a unique approach to wellness and, well, the world!
I love to be useful. 

I know that










I´m a creative coach and provide tailor experiences for people to delve into their desires and to create positive, meaningful and sustainable changes that help them feel better every day.



I´ve been teaching yoga since 2010, holding thousands of community classes, one-to-one´s, workshops, day retreats, longer retreats and experiences both in the UK and Norway.

Find out about my current offerings here. And click for some of my previous projects:



Writing is life. And i create resources for you about a lot of life suff, including authentic and accessible self care, real talk about managing the challenging stuff (usually with some lols and gifs). I also talk about life in between the UK, Norway and beyond because i´m based between two countries!

It´s generally a multimedia feast as although i was born in 1980, i´m still vaguely categorised as "millennial", but i don´t really think anyone knows what that means :) :) :) 

I also collect and curate resources and create feel-good inspiration holes. You know, like the good stuff you find on the internet and irl but aren´t sure how what to do with it? I´ve got you. And them. Some of them at least. That i hope will inspire and delight you.

dionne.space music


I curate things to help you feel good/better.


Now and then i play records (or MP3s), sometimes alone, sometimes as Brød & Smør running events like silent art discos and curating late night at the museum events (LINK). I´m usually dancing in equal measure. Oh and I have a radio show. It´s called FEELINGS. 

Plus i have heaps, nay, thousands of yoga playlists. I like to call them “playlists”. And i also make mixes for you to enjoy on the regular (you can access them via my email list). If you want to know what i´m listening to these days, you can receive my Vibes Immediately rolling playlist of mood music here. I update it weekly.



weekly digest.jpg

Fancy working with me?

Here´s a list of projects past and present and ways we might be able to work together!


You made it this far! Here is your reward, babes!


Fave kings + queens

Eartha kitt, Zadie Smith, bell hooks, Ru Paul, Patti´s potato pies, robot guy, Patrice Rushden, prince. Sylvester. Willy. Oprah. Chaka. (there are so many more of my faves here)

Fave books

The farming of bones - dandicat

Swing time - zadie

Fruit of the lemon - anita

Fave spacemaking activities

Mediation (after years of resisting + subsequently failing and realising that was all part of it.)

Yoga and movement studies

Bathroom discos

Beachside mianders 

Talking to cats and dogs - in these streets

Evening baths

Morning pages


Fave places

Le Comptoire General, Paris

That turkish cafe in Chapel Hill, USA

Indian restaurant Tiffin Wallah, NY

St Lucia


Pilion  + Amorgos in Greece


Best advice:

“A strong spirit transcends rules” - Prince

“Do you, boo” - Shameless Maya

“When people show you who you are, believe them” - Maya Angelou

“When you know better, you do better” - also Maya

“Boy, just be yourself! If people don´t like you, f*ck em!” - Bernie in House Party 2


Fave song:

Of course, impossible, yet so simple: i would die 4u - Prince.


Power song:

Francis Bebey - Yes, i believe in you

Harry Case - Carry Me Home


What do i believe in?

Crystals, muji pens, (not sponsored!), the power of baklava, food. music. Sea magic. My animal friends. Duvets. Energy.


Fave style era: 1970s - especially Prince´s + Sun Ra´s wardrobe. And Chaka´s. I could go on so will try to reign it in….

There´s a pinboard here if you´re interested.