Get clear with real life authentic intention

Align and connect with your mission


Get clear with real life authentic intention

Align and connect with your mission



1-1 Creative coaching and consultancy for new yoga teachers


Explore your voice and relationships to your teaching. Get clear on your core values and intentions and visions and dreams for your teaching career and begin building blocks to making them real. This is for you if you are interested in going deep into exploring your intentions and visions for your business, and are willing to do the work to realising your potential and taking action to make them real.

I see you, new yoga teacher! Congratulations on getting embarking on this lifechanging path. It´s certainly not for the fainthearted.



  • Overwhelmed post your first yoga teacher training and unsure where to start or of your next steps?

  • Thinking about taking the plunge into a yoga teaching career but feel lost and lacking in confidence?

  • Looking for clarity and support to navigate your options as you head into a new world of yoga teaching?

  • Unsure of your “voice”, direction and path?

  • Feeling stuck, or unsure of your next steps, or are looking to rekindle your passion for teaching (and the reason you wanted to teach yoga in the first place!)


I can help you.


I get it, i´ve been there and i survived! But not without some cumbersome lessons learned along the way. There´s a lot of noise out there and I want to help you to tune into the stuff thats meaningful to you - and to create your own path that doesn´t have to look like everybody elses. I want to help you see your value, what you can offer to others, and use that to create meaningful offerings to share with people.


I can help you to get clear and focussed as you embark on this lifechanging path and carve out our own space, sharing your unique gifts and personality with your students.




I support new yoga teachers (who have been teaching for up to 3 years) find their voice and get clear and focussed on their mission.

through exploring deeper layers of your journey with intentional wellness

New teachers - looking at what other people are doing but feeling lost as to their own direction and path.


  • Coaching for yoga teachers - community and mentoring - find your voice, deeper layers of exploring your journey with intentional wellness




Creative coaching for yoga teachers

Problem solving. Setting intentions and a route towards your goals. I help people get clear and focussed in their lives and on their goals in a sustainable and authentic way. Self improvement is all well and good but if you don´t have your foundations in check then its not grounded in anything real. Being a yoga teacher is hard. You are expected to be a lot of things to a lot of people. Healer. Guru. doctor. Counceller. Coach. Parent. Sibling. Enemy. There´s a lot there. And with online element, it can be challenging to find your voice in an increasingly busy market. How can you keep things in check whilst meeting the everyday demands of running your yoga business.





This is for you if

  • You are interested in making impactful and authentic content for your students
  • You're interested in going deep

You want more than a copy paste Ghandi copy-paste quoting mainstream approach to yoga teaching

You want to offer your own unique personality and approach to your yoga studies and practice

You want to fall in love with the practice again

You want to explore and find your voice so you can support others with integrity.

You want to be more focussed and productive in what you are doing (rather than spending unhealthy amounts of time looking at what others are doing.)


What not to expect:

A dogmatic approach. I won´t tell you what you “should” do, nor preach from any particular lineage. Instead, i´ll encourage you to dig deep and explore your own path, whether that´s a dogmatic or non-dogmatic path in your own yoga studies.




I´ve had 7 years of experience teaching yoga in both the UK and Norway. I´ve built and maintained communities and navigated the sometimes tricky online yoga world. I´ve taught in yoga studios as well as set up many successful yoga residencies, classes, workshops and retreats at home and abroad. During my yoga journey, there were many challenging situations that called for me to go deep into exploring my purpose and motivation for teaching and create ways to stay motivated and inspired on the sometimes tricky path of yoga teaching. I have studied and created my own formulas and techniques to help me get clear on my focus and relationship with yoga, which has enabled me to create the projects of my dreams and attract my dream clients. I have always managed to maintain my integrity and authenticity in these projects and believe that despite pressures of the mainstream yogaworld, you can too.


The details and the bigger picture

I have created and produced events from inception to the post-event clearup from small scale independent yoga classes to larger full scale productions involving hundreds of people. I can support you to create your vision and see it through in a way that is managable and sustainable.

We will explore the bigger picture as well as the details.


I have worked with national arts organisations, local studios, arts bodies, yoga festivals, publishers


I´ve written for publications that are yoga + non yoga specific about yoga, wellness, self care. Delivered talks in real life and on podcasts about self care in business. I´ve mentored numerous people pre-yoga teacher training, supporting them during their studies and beyond into their teaching careers, offering inspiration and insight into building their businesses sustainably and authentically.


I´ve built projects from scratch internationally that


Meaningful authentic sustainable


I can support you with

  • Finding your own voice

  • Developing your teaching skills

  • Guidance and impartial feedback on running your yoga business

  • Managing the online world

  • Boundaries

  • Get clear on what you want to offer as a teacher (and why!)

  • Clarity and focus of your teaching direction

  • Digital strategy and practical guidance with managing the online world

  • Getting clear and focussed on your core teaching values

  • Planning and strategy of your teaching cv / goals

  • Sequencing

  • Managing and preventing burnout

  • To playlist or not to playlist?

  • Tools to inspire and motivate you

  • Exercises in creativity

  • Accountability in your goals

  • Managing budgets

  • Articulating the details but keeping the bigger vision in mind

  • Representing yourself in real life and online

  • Building confidence

  • Keeping your practice fresh and inspired

  • Self care


1 x 90 minute session via skype call

Email support for 3 months

Notes and call recording for your reference

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