Motivation, encouragement + tools that work!

I want you to know and feel how powerful you are

And to remind you that you can do hard things and navigate challenges / resistance and obstacles with more ease.

And also get to design your life on your own terms.

You can make progress towards dreams, so they can become for real life and not pretend.

You can reframe self sabotage and interrupt doubt. That doesn’t mean you ignore it, rather, you can work with it to your benefit. I can show you how.

creative coaching

Create your own unique space in the world.

You can take up and create space for yourself any way you like. You get to make your own rules and be wholeheartedly, 100% true to yourself, with integrity and authenticity, speaking and living your truth (and creating the stuff that lights you up each and every day, ) - living in truth, authenticity and integrity. That’s freedom.

No second guessing, cause you’re connected and aligned in every way.
This isn’t a magic switch however, its a daily practice but by building the foundations you are equipped with powerful tools and a mindset rooted in ...... transformation. We work with your strengths. Your personality. Who you are. Your essence. We look at what stirs you, excites you, and how you want to feel, as well as what gets in your way.

No copy paste

This work isn’t about 6 figure shortcuts or a formula you copy paste. This is about using your greatest gift (who you are) and applying that to what you want to create - in your life and how you want to spend your time.

This work takes attention to self care on the journey very seriously too. (Physical, emotional and mental health) Finding that sweet spot. And attention to seeking pleasure and delight on this transformational journey. Cause don’t you want to create a life that feels good?

Motivation, inspiration and encouragement are guaranteed. But that doesn’t mean you’re pushed beyond your limits, cause “the work” is just as much about knowing when to tread a little more gently, to embrace quieter, slower seasons, as it is about knowing when a limiting belief is preventing you from stepping forward to claim your greatness.

I work intuitively WITH you. I don’t tell you what to do. But I’ll ask you questions, lots. I’ll offer feedback when you want it. Share resources, prompts, space for processing.

You don’t need fixing but you can benefit from someone holding space for who you are and all you are becoming, walking with you and cheering you on, on the journey