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🗣 “With all this madness goin' ‘round I really think it's time that we settle down...” ⁣

Because, life can be tricky baby, you have to stay in your magic!⁣

—Expect more unhinged waffles that reference 80s + 90s r&b + some misreferenced Pinterest quote👩🏽‍🎤 (probably…) ⁣

This is the third in a series of festive self care episodes of 🎙 I Feel For You 🌹 -a podcast that hopefully loves you down ✨ and encourages and inspires you to Do You, embrace your excellence and all the glorious spaces in between. ⁣

Thank you so much for all your support with the podcast 💜 it truly means the world! I appreciate you!⁣

Find the shownotes here and the transcript here.

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Human being. Encourager.
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'I love Dionne’s yoga style, and the fact that there are no strict rules, nothing is “wrong”, you just do what feels right for you. An investment for body and soul!'

- Grethe (Yoga + Movement)

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This is a practice to support you if you are navigating grief or sadness. If you're going through something right now, i hope that you can find some room to process in the way you need to, and i'm here to remind you there’s no right or wrong way to do it, so trust that you're not alone, and let’s do this together.

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Self care

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