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“Dionne is the self-care ambassador that you didn't realize you needed in your life.”

“She has a unique gift for holding space for you and where you are in your journey. Her warm, caring, thoughtful, and gentle ways will support you through whatever you are going through. Dionne has an intuitive way of working through the murkiness and clearing the way to help you move forward and in alignment with your highest self. A true polymath, Dionne works in various mediums and modalities that are incredibly accessible to all. From body work, to one-on-one coaching, to sound therapy, Dionne's modes of making space can truly accommodate everyone. I highly recommend working with Dionne if you ever have the opportunity!”

- Safia

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Latest podcast

Grief, hope and healing 🦋

When i was 16, i lost my best friend, Melissa.

And 23 years on, i’m reflecting on the non-linear process that is grief, healing and life.

I hope this helps someone feel more free. More hope.

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I was a guest on King Britt’s NTS show Transmissions!

Deeply honoured + in a soup of emotion!
Listen to “The Spacemaker’s Journey” here:


Brighton Summer Retreat 2019

Reconnect, explore and Do You at our 8th yoga and creativity retreat this July in the seaside city of Brighton.


Featured video

Playful Energising Yoga for Spring!

Get some SPRING in your step! (lolz, sos!)
Here’s a celebratory springtime practice for you! Let’s get lifted! And a bit bananas.

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Vibes Immediately 🎵 

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