Episode 15: Staying cool in the Summertime + dealing with Copycats 😎

Hello darlings... (purred in Ethel voice!)

It me! Dionne joined by my alter ego Ethel 💃🏽! And you probably garnered from the title we are going “in” this week, with our take on Copycats. Well, that and ways to stay cool in this hot hot heat (if you’re experiencing this heatwave in Europe, the US, Canada and the Middle East)

It's basically a hangout with us and a very honest and frank chat about what’s been going down this week, featuring tips to stay cool + my take on copycats (and what i’ve learned on my own journey!)

So you could say this week, it’s a spicy (vegan?) meatball! A great gallagh! A full monty! (ugh, i cringed at that, sorry bbs).

We're out here on these streets delivering a hot steaming bake of truth for your insides. Truth and ponderings. 

With some shared “learning moments” based on life, um, “situations”. I really hope it’s going to be useful or at least an interesting chew.

⚡️*contains swearing because Ethel cannot help herself. sorry tender ears* ⚡️

⚠️ also contains a really bad Norwegian accent! 

Let me know how you go - what you think, what you feel, and as always, feel free to hit me up via the show email, or comment below with your own thoughts and ideas! 💌

Hope you dig!

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Episode 14: Self care tips for managing the online world (when feeling all the feels gets too much)

Empaths! Feelers! Humans! Unite!

This one’s for those of you who like me, feel it all. 💜💦

We are exploring ways to balance staying informed and maintaining our own mental health in the age of timelines.

To those of you who want to be involved in changing the world but struggle to balance the feels of sadness, pain and grief, we’re exploring tools to implement into your days that can support you to process the feels.

I feel you. And i’m with you. So i’m sharing some ideas that i hope will be useful for you, so that you can move beyond the freeze of emotional overwhelm, without ignoring or bypassing what’s there. The world needs your compassion and feelings, so treasure your sensitivity my friends.

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Episode 13: exploring balance, burnout + boundaries in work, rest + play with Ketil


We are outside!

Yes, “we”!

Cause Finemann is my guest in this week’s show!

We are talking about the creative life and finding balance between work and rest and play (which is an ongoing struggle tbh!).

Expect chats about how we juggle the projects, (still) learning to take a (damn) break and going on holiday after 7 years, the perils (guilt) and pleasures (Tom) of working internationally, self belief, creative processes, tools and techniques to support you to create boundaries that support you in your quest for balance, all whilst making coffee and dodging the elements 🎾. Imagine!

Also: unhinged audio. Like thunder and bears. Maybe not bears. Outside SOUNDS. "Atmospherically unhinged", if you will. Hooray!

Hope you dig!

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Episode 12: Self Care + Wellness for Spring

Following my recent BLOOM 🌸 workshops in Norway, i wanted to put together an episode that’s kind of a brief wellness guide featuring things that help me find balance and transition the seasons and that i hope will serve and inspire you too!

We'll cover things related to stereotypes in wellness (salty warning! ✨👌🏾), Ayurveda, energy, immunity, accessible self care tools plus i also made you a present! Check the shownotes below!

I really hope you find it useful.

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Episode 11: How Ethel my alter ego can help you feel more free

Have you lot met my alter ego Ethel? I mention her enough. Please refer to previous episodes.

My kink is dressing up as her and channeling her energy as i move through the house slash world.

So, in honour of this unapologetic muse, this episode is about stepping out of comfort zone and how an Ethel costume/persona/alter ego can help you to have more courage to take up space, to move forward with courage, to speak your truth and to feel free to do you. So if you’re feeling a little stuck either due to imposter syndrome or just lacking the gusto to move forward and you’re up for some weird creative inspiration, you’re in the right place.

I really hope you dig.

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Episode 10: On: asking for what you want

This week's episode is about asking for what you want - and i don't know about you, but it's certainly something i felt nervous about doing for a really long time.

So this show is especially for those of you who have felt you are undeserving of asking for what you want, or who haven't felt that it was an option for you to even consider putting that out there before OR, perhaps most commonly, for those of you who feel so uncomfortable asking for what you want that struggle through, doing it all, alone.

I've got you, and i'm sharing some ideas on how you can explore asking for help as well as some practices to wet your whistle!

Really hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 9: What are you doing?!

This week we are asking, "what are you doing?!" especially, when you don't fit into a box and it confuses people. Plus a pep talk for anyone who wants to go out there and create your own rules.

To those who don't want to fit into limiting boxes or labels, who are doing stuff differently, crafting your own road, going against the grain, and perhaps lacking confidence or trust in your vision or being challenged by resistance from others who want you to conform, this one's especially for you.

I'm talking about some of my personal experiences in my "nonconforming" / "radical" / "controversial" yoga teaching journey, the music industry, radio, coaching and more.

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Episode 8: Do you, boo (this one's for the people pleasers!)

This week we are diving deep! We are diving into the juicy niblets of being yourself (Bernie Mac inspired - *contains swearing!*):  

⚡️The perils of expressing yourself and putting yourself out there (because it's kind of terrifying!).⚡️

✨How do you do that authentically?

✨How do you do it in a way that feels safe?

✨And also, what do you do when you're feeling that other people don't want you do do it?

Yes! We're going in. You ready? 🌶👅

Hold my hand - - -let's go!

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