Dionne Elizabeth

It's my mission to make yoga more inclusive and accessible.

Everybody is invited.


What to expect:

✨ A non-snooty approach. Can’t promise non-cheesy meme inspired catchphrases though (sos).
✨ No gurus.
✨ A safe space, no judgement or expectations.
✨ A personal + authentic experience, encouraging you to "do you" too!

✨ To not take things too seriously.
✨ Your own space to define what yoga means rather than being told what you "should" do.
✨ ...A distinct lack of "shoulds"
✨ Room to do what you feel (snooze if you need to)

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My journey to self care + empowering others to make their own rules


Featured video

Show Up For Yourself 💦

This one’s for you if you feel a little intimidated by “the yoga thing” or you’ve been away from your practice for a while or have never been to a yoga class before or you just want to be back into your body and get back to source.

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