Episode 9: What are you doing?!

Fresh Prince

This week we are asking, "what are you doing?!" especially, when you don't fit into a box and it confuses people. Plus a pep talk for anyone who wants to go out there and create your own rules.

To those who don't want to fit into limiting boxes or labels, who are doing stuff differently, crafting your own road, going against the grain, and perhaps lacking confidence or trust in your vision or being challenged by resistance from others who want you to conform, this one's especially for you.

I'm talking about some of my personal experiences in my "nonconforming" / "radical" / "controversial" yoga teaching journey, the music industry, radio, coaching and more.

Disclaimer: Ethel (my alter ego) comes out in this episode, and i'm striding around passionately at points. Hope that's not too distracting!

Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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Things i spoke about:


✨ A dissection of my experience in mainstream "yogaland": the lack of inclusivity + the abundance of labels and why i chose to make my create my own path
✨ Why i designed my yoga "career" the way i did
✨ Creating your own spaces
✨ Why i've avoided yoga studios
✨ Dinosaurs (yoga unleashed project)
✨ My frank interview with Yoked Podcast with Kelly Sunrose which serves more tea on some of the bs in yogaland "on: life as a yoga teacher + polymath"
✨ Cultivating community
✨ The importance of integrity, intention + spacemaking when creating your own path
Some of my projects 
✨ My definition of yoga
✨ Self love (yep we go there)
✨ Music as a channel for connection
✨ My Spotify (playlists) + FEELINGS (my radio show)
✨ Creativity, catching a vibe + the sweet spot (+ how i "plan" yoga classes"
✨ My dj career
Hire me for a silent disco/ to dj / sound related stuff
✨ Sound design + podcasting
✨ Letting go of perfection
✨ My Coaching career and why i'm shy of labels
✨ Challenging perceptions and being deemed "radical" or "controversial" just by existing and doing your work
✨Being a black/brown woman in yogaland/the world (this is probably a whole episode on its own tbh...)
✨ 💃🏽 Ethel unhinged: yoga farts + yoga snobs ⚡️
✨ My art + yoga project + retreats in composers villas
✨ Persistence + never giving up
✨ Combining careers - polymaths unite!
✨ Dismantling ideas  + asking questions + challenging ideas about the way things are always done
✨The connotations of coaching (cringe)
✨Dealing with boxes when you don't fit into a box in life and work
✨ How all the "different" things i do makes sense to me
✨ What yoga + music + coaching + skincare have in common
✨ People pleasing + why you have to do you, unapologetically (link to last week's episode)
✨ Being open to adventure and change
✨ Following your compass
✨How i'm trying to live my life (and why i get into so much trouble!) 💥
✨ Why none of this is about me
✨ You get to decide (on making your own rules + eating them too) 
✨ Creating a life that feels good and feels free
✨ Why you HAVE to do you (not copy anyone else) in order to live your best life
✨ Advice on what to do when you feel you're in a job that's not a dream job
✨ Advice on when you feel like a weirdo cause no one gets it and you don't fit into a system or a box
✨Trusting your guts in every way
✨ My yoga approach + events
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haters, don't @ me

haters, don't @ me

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