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Episode 9: What are you doing?!

This week we are asking, "what are you doing?!" especially, when you don't fit into a box and it confuses people. Plus a pep talk for anyone who wants to go out there and create your own rules.

To those who don't want to fit into limiting boxes or labels, who are doing stuff differently, crafting your own road, going against the grain, and perhaps lacking confidence or trust in your vision or being challenged by resistance from others who want you to conform, this one's especially for you.

I'm talking about some of my personal experiences in my "nonconforming" / "radical" / "controversial" yoga teaching journey, the music industry, radio, coaching and more.

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Episode 8: Do you, boo (this one's for the people pleasers!)

This week we are diving deep! We are diving into the juicy niblets of being yourself (Bernie Mac inspired - *contains swearing!*):  

⚡️The perils of expressing yourself and putting yourself out there (because it's kind of terrifying!).⚡️

✨How do you do that authentically?

✨How do you do it in a way that feels safe?

✨And also, what do you do when you're feeling that other people don't want you do do it?

Yes! We're going in. You ready? 🌶👅

Hold my hand - - -let's go!

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Episode 7: The importance of being vulnerable, showing up + coming out of the cave

This week we are exploring the importance of being vulnerable, showing up and coming out of the cave.

...oh, and Prince, obviously!

I'll be sharing my journey and struggles with finding a way to safely express myself and some tools and techniques that i've used to come out of the cave, to reconnect when i'm feeling a bit disconnected and mute and when i'm facing resistance and contraction.

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