Episode 5: My winter morning rituals

Eartha Kitt

This week we are exploring how we honour our journey with a focus on rituals, specifically winter morning rituals. On our missions to do stuff in life, sometimes we can get caught up in the day to day, without pausing to take stock. You know, practicing being. Present. In life. And all its glorious messiness. Rituals really help me to anchor me to the moment and honour the journey. Present and intentional. So this week, as i've just returned from hosting our Winter Warmer Retreat, i'm sharing my winter morning routines with you, in case they are useful somehow. 

So expect unexpected crush admissions 💦, a run through of the things that help me stay present each day, in the hope you can adapt and create your own rituals that help you feel present and glorious.

Lots of encouragement to do you, meet yourself wherever you’re at, and reminders that you can design your own rituals your way. Kind of like building a bagel. So be free with your cravings, eh? Indulgence!

Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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Things i spoke about:

  • How do we honour our journey each day despite life’s demands of doing, the most?

  • Demolition Man + fluids. 😳

  • Taking time out to create your own start, placing ritual in our daily life

  • The winter warmer retreat

  • Rituals and how they can help to carve out intentional moments of space in the day

  • Designing your mornings

  • Acknowledging that winter mornings can be hard! Start where you are

  • Starting mornings the night before - evening routine

  • Anxiety + Insomnia and tools that might help

  • Practicing “Oprah Days”

  • Sleep routines and ideas on how to create your own

  • My personal morning routine

  • Underactive thyroid interlude + prioritising self care

  • Oil pulling meditation + benefits

  • Yoga + movement + rolling around in the mornings - tips + tools for developing your own daily yoga practice

  • The importance of making your rituals accessible

  • Coconut oil uses

  • Syncing with the winter season - we have a lot to learn from nature + Ayurveda props

  • Meditation - starting, crafting and creating a meditation practice your own way + tips for guided meditations

  • Lemon, honey + ACV elixir

  • Skincare! Protecting our biggest organ

  • Making your own body scrub

  • Face masks diy ideas

  • Ayurveda oil massage (Abhyanga)

  • Nostril lube: nasya ayurveda

  • Benefits of a work uniform

  • My journey with Morning pages + The Artists´ Way

  • Keeping things flexible as you create your own morning rituals


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