Episode 4: New Year, New Meh

Queen Aretha!

Queen Aretha!

Happy new year! ....Do you struggle with the new year noise?

Today i'm offering my two pence on new year stuff, goals, intentions and tools.

Good riddance to comparison and failure feels this time of year. Let’s explore how to stay connected to yourself amidst the noise, dodge the new year pressure cooker and talk about some tips for creating goals and intentions that aren’t gross.

Plus: adventures in learning to take up space in the world!

Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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Things i spoke about:

  • Happy new year!

  • Navigating the pressure around new year

  • Staying connected to yourself amidst all the noise

  • Setting intentions for real life --- that can be adjusted/changed/ignored if need be

  • Creating then eating the rules

  • Tips for goals + intentions + resolutions + further reading


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