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Music was inevitable

Sooo, I was named after Dionne Warwick (not Celine Dion, as some drunks are keen to sing upon hearing my moniker). I was raised on a diet of substantial sounds, records fed and still feed me. And i have a penchant for pizza but that aside, music has always been one of the most important parts of my life. In fact, 1997 is still my fave musical boyfriend. I digress...

I worked in music for a number of years: radio stations, labels, publishing, pr, management, and despite trying to leave the industry, something kept pulling me back. It's in the blood i guess. So here's a selection of things for you to dig into. A dig in my crates, if you will. That sounds weird. Enjoy!

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I wanted to make something that held space for people to feel all the feels. Hope you enjoy!

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