dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Silent Disco Norway

Silent Disco (Norway)

DJ-ing and event productions in Bergen, Oslo & Trondheim


Q: How does all this work? I’m confused.

A: Relax. It’s all very easy. And fun! We come with wireless headphones, and a sender to attach to any music players, and you can have a party in a library, festival after hours, an art gallery…. the possibilities are endless. And exciting!

Q: …Music players, – in plural form? How does that work? Now you’re REALLY confusing me.

A: Once again, relax. It’s all fun fun fun. You can have 2 Djs sending out songs from the same sender at the same time. Mindblowing, right?? So, every headphone comes with a switch on the side. The party-goers can then decide themselves who they want to listen to, which adds to the entertainment value we think!

Q: It all sounds very promising to me! How can I book the equipment? And…..how much does it cost?

A: Send us a request via my contact form and we will see what we can do! Costs depends on where your party is, how many available headphones you would like, and length of the event.

For more info on upcoming silent disco events head to the events page.