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Here are my projects

I've done quite a lot of different things over the years, so this page is divided into categories: Wellness, Music, Retreats and Culture. Enjoy! 

dionne.space collaborators


Yoga with Dionne

Yoga with Dionne on Youtube

Free classes with a range of styles and lengths. 

yoga and writing dionne.space

Yoga + Writing (Norway)

Movement and writing session at Bergen's Litteraturhus

Yoga at the One Girl Band Space in Brighton

Yoga @ The One Girl Band Space (UK)

Weekly community yoga classes every Tuesday in the heart of Brighton's North Laine.

Yoga with Dionne at The One Girl Band Space in Brighton

Community Yoga in Brighton (UK)

Chicken shops, a startup school, a women´s co-working space and at an acting school.



Women of Colour Wellness (UK)


Classes, workshops & retreats. Community building teaching at the first yoga retreat for WOC in Oxfordshire (UK) + events in Brighton (UK).



The Lick Yoga Project (UK)


2.5 year pay what you can community yoga in Brighton with lasers, music and free Fro Yo!

Yoga with dionne dionne.space Herosalen

Yoga @ Herosalen, Bergen (Norway)

Long running community Yoga project in Norway's oldest kindergarten after hours.



TRY Yoga Unleashed (Norway)

Yoga popups in culture houses around Bergen.

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Potion Making Workshop

Potion Making Workshops (UK)

Create your own mini cosmetics range to take home or give to a loved one!

Yoga Disco Yoga with Dionne

Yoga Disco (UK + Norway) 

Lasers, music and movement in Bergen, Oslo, Manchester, London and Brighton.

I Feel For You Podcast

I Feel For You 


My aural pleasurezone!

Yoga with Dionne dionne.space

Yoga Festivals (UK + Norway)

Om Yoga Festival in London and Manchester, Movement Arts in Oslo. 

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Self Care

Self Care Workshops (UK + Norway)

At the One Girl Band Space, Sjelevarme, Lick and H.en. 

dionne elizabeth coaching


I help people create meaningful and impactful change with 1-1 creative coaching.
Choose your own adventure and let´s work together!

Art Yoga with Dionne

Art + Yoga in Bergen (Norway)

4 year twice weekly project with KODE - the art museums of Bergen.


Outdoor Yoga in Bergen (Norway)


On sunny days, which weren't so often, but very memorable!

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Visionboarding

Visionboarding Workshops (UK + Norway)

A creative self exploration process offering valuable techniques and strategies for personal development.

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne

Yoga + Supper Club (UK)

Sourcing and making food in pop up spaces after a yoga class.

Yoga with Dionne Griegakademiet Bergen Norway dionne.space

Griegakademiet, Bergen (Norway)

A range of retreats and workshops at the music academy in the centre of town.  




Silent Disco (Norway)


Events in Bergen, Oslo + Trondheim.

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne

DJ-ing (UK + Norway)

Festivals, clubs, art and culture events. 



My most recent radio show! Listen via Mixcloud or TotallyRadio.

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne

Sound Design + Acting (Norway)

At The National Theatre in Bergen. 




Brighton Retreats (UK)

Reconnect, explore and feel good with yoga, food and sightseeing in Brighton (UK).


Skjerjehamn Retreats (Norway)

Island retreat in the winter of 2014 in restored trading post at the gateway to the Sogne fjord.

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne

Composers Retreats (Norway)

Music and movement project at Norwegian composers homes Siljustøl, Lysøen and Troldhaugen. 

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne

Day Retreat at the Art Museums of Bergen (Norway)


Yoga + food day retreats at the art museums of Bergen teaming up with local bistro.

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne

Art + Yoga at Sunnhordland Museum (Norway)

Yoga, food, art and culture day retreat on the island of Stord in western Norway.



One Girl Band Session.png

Public Speaking (UK + Norway)


Workshops for self care in UK + Norway on avoiding burnout + self care for women entrepreneurs.

dionne.space Yoga with Dionne The Others

The Others (UK + Norway)

Newspaper articles and community projects. 


Kinden & Beth

Digital communication agency.

dionne.space late night at the museum

Late Night at the Museum (Norway)


KODE, art museums of Bergen, invited me to curate and plan the late night event series. Roles included consultancy, curation, consultation, production, art design, promo and djing.