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Yoga Disco

Music + Movement + Lights


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Yoga Disco is a special curated event courtesy of Brød & Smør DJs that intertwines vinyasa yoga sequences, live DJ, curated soundtrack, partner yoga, mocktails, disco lights and free dance. Take part in a stimulating, creative, fun and personal yoga class with an exciting twist.

Yoga sequence and soundtrack are crafted to combine postures, rhythm and melody, with room to explore your relationship to fluidity, expression and essentially, your yoga.

Experience something new with a good time gang and receive bonus nice feelings. Gold lamé optional.

The concept is versatile and flexible in nature, and comes in many colours, themed to fit event and season including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Friday rinse-out, Summer Party, Outdoors, Indoors, Festivals and Yoga & Creativity retreats.

We have taken our Yoga Disco events to many places in the UK and Norway including The Om Yoga Show (Kensington Olympia, London and Central Hall, Manchester), Bergen Kunsthall, the Lick Warehouse and KODE art museums of Bergen. 

Feel welcome to get in touch for more questions or to book us for your event.