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Take Care of You: Autumn - an online creative coaching programme



Ready to interrupt the spiral of self doubt and get free?

i can help you reclaim your story and remember who you are with trust, confidence and action so you can show up for yourself and your life!

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“I highly recommend her
1-to-1 sessions for shaping ideas, dreams, goals”

creative coaching

“Dionne is like the Fairy Godmother of Polymaths. I really enjoyed working with her. She has such a wide range of experience and is so easy to talk to. Inspiring, creative, and kind, she really helps open up ideas and shed light on new possibilities.

Her newsletters and playlists are fantastic, her yoga videos are the best (even for someone who isn't the biggest fan of yoga!). I highly recommend her 1-to-1 sessions for shaping ideas, dreams, goals; cheerfully slapping a little structure and sensibility into a nebulous maybe, one day, perhaps grand goal.

She is generous and genuine, handing you key after key to helpful concepts, books, resources and helping you break a big project into manageable steps.
Thank you, Dionne.”

- Desta, Languages Through Music

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My clients are incredible! Some of the things they have done in our time together include:

  • getting clear on their direction and purpose, taking actionable steps towards their goals

  • composing music for feature films

  • building a reputable portfolio of art exhibition + curation

  • defining and clarifying their brand, setting up their websites, socials and visual presence, visioning, planning and executing their plans.

  • pivoting their role in the workplace and designing a fulfilling career

  • writing a screenplay for a feature film

  • launching podcasts from getting clear on their initial idea, learning technical skills to establishing consistency and longevity with their projects

  • designing, building, launching and running popular courses on and offline

  • overcoming imposter syndrome and fear, owning their uniqueness and creating their own rules, in their own way

  • protecting their energy and boundaries

  • moving countries, starting from scratch and building their own visions for work + life

  • starting and staying consistent with their blogs

  • writing and launching books galore

  • becoming yoga teachers, running events, workshops, retreats

  • building their own communities

  • building financially rewarding businesses that are aligned with their values 

  • pivoting a yoga business model to one that feels good and relevant

  • recovering from burnout in the most inspiring, sustainable and accessible ways

  • overcoming imposter syndrome

  • getting clear on direction and finding their calling

  • mapping out strategy to get them from where they are to where they want to be

  • radically rehauling their relationship to self care and reconnecting to their wellness journey

  • resetting their mindset and developing confidence in their offerings

  • creating intentional video content and launching youtube channels

  • career development and progression within organisations that create roles more aligned with who they are and the skills and talents they possess

  • expanding and growing their businesses in industries including; music, art, food, education, health & wellness, literature, media, design, theatre, publishing, digital media, yoga, film, photography

  • creating + releasing music, touring + building a career in the modern music industry landscape

  • designing, building and executing tours and events

  • starting events that span music, concerts, yoga, travel, the “wellness” sphere

  • making websites that reach the customers they want to attract

  • creating work-life balance that include helpful rituals, habits and patterns to invite more ease and pleasure

  • developing their products and services from concept, design to sales

  • getting organised in their direction with tools that work

  • developing and executing pitches to publishers, video production companies, agents, producers and directors


what they have in common is their ability to use their energy and channel it into greatness, action and progress towards a life that feels good.

they are living their truth.

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Motivation, encouragement + tools that work!

This work isn’t about 6 figure shortcuts or a formula you copy paste. This is about using your greatest gift (who you are) and applying that to what you want to create - in your life and how you want to spend your time.

Read more about my coaching style here.


Ready to get clear and feel more free to be more you?


Perhaps you know what pizzaz you hold, but you don’t know how to translate that into action!

You might feel you understand your deep rooted dreams, or have no idea what you really want… yet!

You need inspiration. Motivation. Understanding. Encouragement. Discipline in the right moments. Ease. and to stop denying your voice, your truth and your story!

I can help you!

  • Find a clear pathway back to yourself (by remembering who you are!)

  • Show up to share your message, embrace your vulnerability (minus vulnerability hangovers!), experiment and get comfortable in your own skin.

  • Release the clench of doubt, fear, imposter syndrome, stop hiding and depriving the world of your unique and wonderful ways! You have this, we have this!

Be it mapping, finding direction, strategy, self care, wellness, adjusting your mindset, feeling empowered to reclaim your story in ways that are inclusive, accessible and sustainable.

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“Dionne is the self-care ambassador that you
didn't realize you needed
in your life.”


“She has a unique gift for holding space for you and where you are in your journey. Her warm, caring, thoughtful, and gentle ways will support you through whatever you are going through.

Dionne has an intuitive way of working through the murkiness and clearing the way to help you move forward and in alignment with your highest self.

A true polymath, Dionne works in various mediums and modalities that are incredibly accessible to all. From body work, to one-on-one coaching, to sound therapy, Dionne's modes of making space can truly accommodate everyone.

I highly recommend working with Dionne if you ever have the opportunity!”

- Safia, Curator, poet, dj, cinephile, and arts programmer

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In my experience working with clients and also on myself over the last 20 years, it’s my belief that your connection to yourself is what will make this journey sustainable.

It’s the source. And the sauce. Literally - you, are the essence darling! 💦

I’m here to help you dig deep into that.
To get really clear.
Really connected to who you are.

For real life and not pretend.

I want you to know and feel how powerful you are

And to remind you that you can do hard things and navigate challenges / resistance and obstacles with more ease.

And also get to design your life on your own terms.

You can make progress towards dreams, so they can become for real life and not pretend.





Dionne is amazing!
She helps put everything in perspective and helps bring out the best in yourself in a way that is uplifting and accessible.”


(Find Kirby’s site Dump Him Press Co here.)

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Perhaps you’re curious.
seeking. open to exploration.
a little lost. overwhelmed.


You don’t need “fixing”
but you can benefit from someone holding space for who you are
and all you are becoming

Your essence. Your giblets. Your wonder. Your magic. ✨


I’m interested in helping you to reclaim your story, and feel empowered you to be more of who you are.

and take care of yourself on that journey.

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6-month creative coaching

Find your clear pathway back to yourself!

Show up to share your message, embrace your vulnerability (minus vulnerability hangovers!), experiment and get comfortable in your own skin. Release imposter syndrome and stop hiding and depriving the world of your unique and wonderful ways! You have this, trust me daddy!

What’s included?

  • 12 x 60 minute Skype phone calls

  • Recording of our sessions to download/stream

  • Practical suggestions, resources + inspiration (e.g. reading list / video / personalised podcast episodes) in a gift package emailed to you after each of our sessions

  • Unlimited email support + encouragement

  • Accountability check-ins to keep you on track with where you want to go

  • Mates rates discounts on my other products + services

Your investment: 1500 GBP
(or 6 monthly payments of 275 GBP)
Now booking for Autumn 2019

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Still not sure?

Sign up for a free 15 minute call where we can connect and feel if we’re a good fit! It’s important to me that you feel ready to work together, so i’ll share more about how the programme is structured and you can ask me anything. Then, if it feels good, you can book in and we’ll start our journey together!

Another option: Send me a voicemail and feature on my podcast where I’ll answer your coaching question!

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