Yoga for grief and sadness yoga for grief + sadness video practice

Hey you. I appreciate that you're here.

This is a practice to support you if you are navigating grief or sadness. If you're going through something right now, i hope that you can find some room to process in the way you need to, and i'm here to remind you there´s no right or wrong way to do it, so trust that you're not alone, and let´s do this together.

We'll explore and try to open up some space with some gentle movement, so that we can be more receptive and present and able to support ourselves as we move forward through this journey.

We'll start with a short mindful meditation using some massage techniques, sense awareness and breathwork (thanks to Elena Brower), then we'll incorporate some movement into the practice. 

Hopefully we can welcome in some space for state-shifting but to also honour wherever you are at, trusting in the process and nurturing yourself along the way.

You will need: a cushion or blanket to support yourself when you're seated.

Please take rests if that feels good to do right now. Trust your body.

Thank you for taking this time.

Sending love,


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