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Self care to shift your state! ⚡️

Sometimes we just need an injection of something to help us on our way. Cause life can get tricky sometimes. We might be stuck in a situation. A limiting belief. An unhelpful way of being. And need a little reboot. So, here’s an offering of a couple of things to help support you in shifting your state. To one that is thriving not just surviving. 💜

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Inspiration station: July Faves! ✨Healing✨

This month i'm sharing nuggets from the internet that inspire healing. I hope that this collection offers inspo for introspection, more self care, more self love and space for you to take what you need. 

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Yoga for grief and sadness

This is a practice to support you if you are navigating grief or sadness. I hope that you can find some room to process in the way you need to. You´re not alone, let´s do this together.

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Self Care Box!

I have a self care box at home containing the things that uplift me when i need to feel better. It includes my trusty eye pillow, some oils, words, art tools and so on. I find it useful to have these items always at the ready - a “ritual in a box” if you like, that really helps me practice self care on the regular.

Read on for my tips to create your own self care box!

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