New yoga video: Show Up For Yourself 💦

Yoga + movement video: Show Up For Yourself (up on my YouTube channel DionneYoga - captions are available on the video)⁣

Been a while since i made a public yoga + movement video! It’s just felt so noisy in yogaland you know, the yoga “industry” and when you’re told repeatedly that your face/body and your “unusual” approach doesn’t “fit” 🙃, it gets a little…exhausting. ⁣

So, i’ve been quietly sharing practices to my group and 1-1 creative coaching peeps but miss making these video offerings for those folks who, like me, are interested in real, non-snooty and accessible tools to feel better each day. ⁣ ⁣
So here’s a gift which i hope will be useful!⁣

This one’s for you if you feel a little intimidated by “the yoga thing” or you’ve been away from your practice for a while or have never been to a yoga class before or you just want to be back into your body and get back to source.⁣
Saucy! 💦⁣

Hope it’s useful and would love to hear what you think and if you want more of these! ⁣
Love, dionne x⁣

ps if you could play the Usher interlude to Superstar before you do this, that would be great. 💜 if you get my playlist Vibes Immediately on Spotify you’ll know what i’m talking about 😄