3 things to watch this week if you want to smile 

ali wong and Keaunu

You know how it goes, sometimes this world can feel like a cesspit of doom, and you want to seek out some light. Or at least, the joy amidst the darkness… So here’s my pick of 3 things to watch this weekend/whenever you have some time. Hope they give you some ease and sweetness.

I’d love to know below what you think - have you seen them? Or is there anything you’d recommend i check out? I love hearing your recommendations!

Always be my maybe

you know i’ve been waiting for this to hit my eyeballs….i mean..i’ve never been one for romcoms but — this film touched my heart. 

It ticks so many boxes, let me count the ways:

✅ 90s nostalgia (with a heavy emphasis on west coast hip hop)

✅ Growing up Other

✅ non-cringe romance

✅ Keanu …..! (living for the Memes on twitter this week tbh such as #Keanuwine plus this subsequent account)

✅ Ethnic jokes spanning inter-cultural appropriation, stereotypes and gentrification

✅ Real talk that doesn’t shy away from being Other in 2019 (- yet still delivering humour + joy)

✅ Actual ethnics as all main characters

my jam and i think everybody could use this light! Plus, of course, some honorary Mimi 🌈✨

Good Girls season 2

i adored season 1 (so watch that first if you haven’t already!)

then tuck into this! Brilliant women, great characters and hilarious dark comedy!

Killing Eve season 2

…do i need to even explain why? it’s just brilliant! Let me know when we can talk about it eh? 

I know, another dark comedy but it’s done so well!

What would you recommend to watch? Share what lights you up below!

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Keanu bbz

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