Curating the internet in difficult times

i just miss him, you know?

i just miss him, you know?

How's your week going?

Have felt a bit drained, which is echoed around me. The tragic news cycles and incessant triggers around mental health can be suffocating at times. There are so many misconceptions, so much noise and opinion that feels too much, especially, i think, for those who have ever struggled with their mental health. But in this week of sadness, there've also been sweet synchronicities. The practice of hope and joyful explorations with time dedicated to slowing down. That's because, when i feel triggered, i tend to know the signs in my body, and that's when i try to ask for help from Finemann in activating a time out. I find it helps to avoid timelines of opinions when bad news just broke- although it can be hard to do of course, and i increase my bodywork so i can feel what i'm feeling and hold space to process it. Whatever is accessible at the time. Practicing for longer with more restorative and meditative focus for example, simply because my body isn't capable of doing much when i feel the cloak of darkness looming. Getting out for a walk every day, ideally finding flowers and dogs.  And if i can afford it, going to a holistic therapist for massage or reflexology to move and ground my energy.

As well as bodywork, one of my go-to's is intentional inspiration-station gathering. Many of you know curating inspiring stuff is what i love, so plunging myself into that focussed action is helpful for me, in hope that i can also support someone else. And as i've done a fair amount of it this week (and am not sure where to start with it all), i thought i'd gather some for you right here. Ready?

First off, an offering from me to anyone navigating grief and sadness, a talk/meditation/space-holding and movement practice in case it's useful. Take what you need and leave the rest but know you're not alone.

(Trigger warning) On Mental Illness by a cup of Jo summarised a lot of my frustrated feels following comments by folks who just don't seem to get it. More understanding. More compassion. Please.

Anthony Bourdain on humanity  What a great man he was. I particularly liked his feisty integrity in calling out bs, particularly imperialist bs, and his sensitive approach to travel and food when visiting "Other" places. I've heard so many wonderful stories from people who have met him (particularly from smaller countries, or places that aren't "approved" on the map, including an island i once lived). It shouldn't be rare, but his realness and willingness to be open, respectful and curious to meet people where they were at, to listen and learn and to connect authentically shone through. A couple of particular stories that warmed my insides include:
His support of an 86 year old woman who was mocked by the mainstream
His tasteful storytelling in Africa and the Diaspora (some great clips in this one),
and his comments on Kissinger

Laura Dern + Angela Bassett wonderful women in glorious conversation (trigger warning: contains references to the "me too" movement)

Escaping into what feels like my favourite book so far this year, Children of Blood and Bone

A podcast about podcasts: Sampler !

Why Russian workers are being taught to smile - speechless! More to say on this obvs but can my Norwegian homies do it for me?

In honour of my dear Prince's birthday this week, here's my fave version of my fave song.

My most favourite thing on the internet this week.

A big colour mood is the new Susperia trailer which isn't as good as the old one tbh. 

The Red Table Talk series is what brought be back to Facebook after a loooong hiatus (although i'm still using the Chrome plugin News Feed Eradicator !) Particularly enjoyed this episode with Jaden and Willow, Growing up Smith!

Thinking about summer (join me on Pinterest on my summer mood board?)

If you are into hounds, this is perfection.

"excuse me, what's your name?!" Shoutout to Kirby for this golden nugget!



Dassit for now!

Hope there's something there that inspires you.

But let me know about anything that's floating your boat this week, be it comfort, inspiration, self care ritual or lols.