A chair yoga + meditation to relax, unwind + chillout (any time of day!)

Been a long day? If it's 8am or early evening, come and unwind with me!
This is my fave go-to de-stress and chill. I hope this gives you ample goodness and sweetness.

Expect to explore how to set up this shape so you can go get it whenever you need it - offerings are there for you to adapt as you like (remember, it's your practice!). Also expect a little mini relaxation meditation to help you to coax the body into a more relaxed state. Space to step back into your day if you're at work or studies, or to stay on longer to unwind even more.

You will need:
* A chair or a sofa to rest your lower legs.
* A blanket/cushion or two for cushy comfort
* An eyepillow or a towel or blanket to cover your eyes.

Stay as long as you like (can!) to reap the benefits of slowing down.

Let me know how it goes (and please feel welcome to comment below on what the chair bum´s official name is - please! lol!)

Dionne x