Self care to shift your state! ⚡️

Tender Oprah + pooch! 💕🐾

Tender Oprah + pooch! 💕🐾


Sometimes we just need an injection of something to help us on our way.

Cause life can get tricky sometimes. We might be stuck in a situation. A limiting belief. An unhelpful way of being. And need a little reboot.

I have found that self care has been the big “you gon’ learn today!” ah-ha moment in my life.

Learning to take care of myself beyond just keeping going, has been…revolutionary. It’s why after all these years i still speak about it. And practicing it. Cause i know i need it. We need it.

“Self care” might be “popular” now, and sure, some might cringe - and tbh, i cringed for a while, in the same way i’ve been wary of using the word “yoga” for the last 20 years or so, all of this tied up in my worries that i’d make someone else cringe, would they think i was a sell out now it’s sometimes co-opted? Or think that this stuff isn’t for them, cause accessibility is my JAM.

But you know what? i’m here for it!
“Self care” or “taking care of yourself” whatever labels feel comfortable for you to use. I’m here for these tools being out here in the world. No matter when or how someone accesses them. Cause there can be so much snootiness about access and purity and lineage and what not. It’s so gross and boring... 🙄 You know where i stand with this eh?🤷🏽‍♀️ If not, read this: On non-snooty “wellness” and “self care”.

I don’t have a problem with people doing fancy poses on Instagram if that offers someone an insight into a new tool they research and find empowering. I don’t sniff at people who choose to connect with something in their own way, in fact, i’m a big encourager of it. Do you, darling.

It’s the action with intention that matters. I’m interested in HOW can you make self care real and accessible. Self care doesn’t have to be a lofty thing.

So, here’s an offering of a couple of things to help support you in shifting your state. To one that is thriving not just surviving.
- And remember, no matter how small and seemingly significant an act of self care might be, what truly matters is it’s meaningful to you. Start small and see if you can implement tiny offerings into your daily And the best way of measuring that is by whether it feels good. A tiny sidenote there that sometimes learning how to detect good feelings can take time for some of us too, so try to be gentle and tender with yourself.

Here’s some treats i made for you to support you to shift your state:

I really hope something here resonates with you, and i’d love to know——

What helps you to shift your state?

Comment below!

Love and tenderness,

dionne x

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