Life with chronic illness, connecting with yourself + finding your community! 🔑⚡️// Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 32

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Hello my darlings! It’s me, your discombobulated auntie! 🙋🏽‍♀️💕

Today’s episode is an update of the last two weeks and all the spicy meatballs and nuggets of lessons from the universe that often held me by my cuff and told me “you gon learn today!” 🐬


You gon learn today meme

I’ve been back and forth to Norway over the last 5 weeks and journeying with juggling the work- travel trips, anxiety galore (HALLO MY OLD FRIEND 👍!), community gatherings and celebrating sisterhood.

I talk about my chronic illness, side effects like anxiety (and tools + techniques i use that have helped me overcome recent panic attacks), juggling work-life on the road whilst living with chronic illness, searching for community (and the lonely feels when you struggle with it + don’t “fit in” or don’t “belong”) and my inspiration + motivation to keep going.

So a little heads up that i will be talking about anxiety in this episode, including describing my own recent experiences of it, so if that kind of stuff triggers you, probably best to skip and scroll to my shownote links where i’ve put some anxiety resources for your lovely self. I warn right before i start talking about it (around 10 mins then at 28 mins in)

⚡️Expect to plunge into the quandaries of being CONNECTED ⚡️:

  • Connected to yourself

  • Connected to your “tribe” (haha i don’t like the way that’s used these days either, let’s rephrase), Connected to your community irl + online, and

  • Connected with your “purpose”.

    Basically, learning what helps us connect and reconnect in this lifetime!

🔋Sacral grunts! Mulch! Feelings! Energy! 🔋

Also expect wild and wacky tangents. As ever.
Plus frank (“Frank!”) scary vulnerable moments. Gulp.
And some storytime moments of ridiculously embarrassing but valuable learning moments.

Oh- and a
The (now 9 year old) Inspiration Station! Yes! I know! She’s made it to the airwaves!
So look out for that later on in the show (featuring a special guest!), and also,
Send me the things that inspire and delight you! Something you’ve seen / heard / done / have made, whatever has given you pleasure lately and i’ll put it in a future show!
You can write to me or
Leave me a voicemail (preferred!)

I really, truly hope this GIGANTIC LOAF OF A SHOW 🍞 helps someone out there.

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