Creative activity: Morning pages

Most people know one of the longest and my most favourite rituals is Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages. I recommend them to all my clients. If you’re not already familiar with The Artists’ Way, i’d really recommend investing some time to sniff out a copy. It’s been something that has been a regular part of my life since 2004.

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Inspiration Station ✨

Nuggets mined in August 2019 (!) (still wholesome and evergreen tho!)
Long and short reads, film, art and magic. Hope they inspire and delight you!

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Nadia Huggins on vulnerabilities, boundaries and the shoreline 🌊

“Is it possible for us to view ourselves void of these social constructs, that create these boundaries between us and within us? Is there a way for us to dissolve this construct of gender, class, race, sexuality, country of origin, whatever?

…people are the ones that created these boundaries. The sea has no agenda. Rich or poor, it will swallow you. So in a sense, when you think about it, the ocean is the one true democratic space that exists.” 

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Reclaiming Pleasure

Pleasure activism enables me to practice vulnerability, opens me up to experiencing love, joy, healing, community, a bigger meaning and purpose, and, feeling better. Holding space for processing, expression the journey, the miracles in the every day, and being present. 

To me, this is freedom.

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What can you work with right now?

Frank not only worked with his limitations but he embraced them. He “poured, dripped and spilled paint covers the canvas….” and managed to create a piece even more interesting because it is authentic to who he is. He’s working with what he has. 

So many of us get distracted by what we don’t have, feeling we need to have our shit together, all the goods the tools and the answers.

I know i can get caught up in that too, so no shade if you feel read, darlings. But i find it a helpful reminder always for myself and for every one of my clients to hold space for wherever you’re at. Cause we can work with that. 

what if instead of needing to have the best equipment we can afford, or needing our whole 10 year plan together, we instead worked with what’s right here.

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The hard work of being lazy

"We live in a culture that values activity and 'hard work'. But - paradoxically - the hardest work we can sometimes do is to stop rushing around, sit with our thoughts, analyse our feelings, take stock of where we are and understand ourselves better.”

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Art date with Frank and Desta 🎨

So, last week i had life delivered to me via the inspirational Frank Bowling and his retrospective at the Tate . Here you can find my photo gallery from my visit with Desta + audio documentary as well as a diary of FEELINGS!

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Caribbean Callaloo Soup Recipe video! 🏝(plus carnival playlist!)

Darlings! It’s Carnival this weekend and time for one of my favourite things: to nyam my way around the Caribbean!

What better time to share a video + recipe for one of my ultimate fave Caribbean dishes: Callaloo Soup!

There’s a sentimental connection to this dish, remembering friends afar who i went to school with back on the islands, and so i thought i’d make my own version (which happens to be vegan and gluten free but i don’t subscribe to any food label cause i believe in doing you and eating what the hell works for your body. More on that HERE and HERE if you want).

So, welcome to our tiny kitchen! Filmed on the hottest day of the year so far of course! Ketil is my sous chef and sound person! I am adding unhinged commentary as always. IGTV below and recipe card and deets are below! Oh and a playlist to cook and nyam and dance to on the right - si mi yah! 🍵

Let me know what you think!

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July Journal 🌺

fancy a gigantic “lately” scrapbook update + diary of my summertime moments? expect a behind the scenes gander at my inner landscape (not a euphemism), news updates, resources, personal photos, peach outfits + a playlist! 

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For hope and inspiration, Callie Day

So back in 2016 i was going through a particularly tough time. not so hopeful to say the least. some are often surprised to hear that, in light of the work i was doing those years. but to anyone reading who is moving through dark days, i know it might seem naff for me to say, but i’ma say it anyway, i hope you can read this and believe things will get better. i believe in you, and i admire and cheer you on for showing up to meet this day. i know things can feel hopeless, perhaps dark and frightening, but you will get through this. i promise, you can and you will.

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What can we learn from the full moon - eclipse - retrograde(s) - Cancer season energy?

In the last few days alone, Gatwick airport air traffic control computers went down, the internet was out in our entire district for the day, numerous apps and platforms with glitches or completely down across the world (the last time happened on the last Mercury Retrograde in March) and is the sat nav issue resolved yet? I mean...the energy is quite something! Have you observed anything?

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I would just - really like to live or stay here a while...!

Lenny Kravitz sure has some good taste! Since watching (and equally salivating) over this home - for clarity i mean the farm itself dah-ling, i can’t stop thinking about it and referring people to it. I’m even referencing this eye bath of deluxe refreshment in my latest podcast episode. So dedicating a whole post to it right here on the blog. And we can all enjoy. In whatever way we like.

What do you think - should we take a trip?!


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