Episode 20 shownotes: Tips for work / life travel ease 🚀

Joan / Ethel travel muse

Welcome back to I Feel for You, a podcast with me, Dionne who is a human being that uses a lot of tools to help people to feel better.

I’m a creative coach, a yoga and movement and meditation teacher, writer, dj, event sharer, experience facilitator, good smell cultivator, book addict, animal lover and connector, i think, of humans and to feelings.

Fancy coming in my time machine this week?

Let’s go back to July, when i was sweating everywhere.

I’m sorry for that visual.

Thought i’d share some insights from behind the scenes when i’m on the road traveling for work running events. What helps me? What boujee items can’t i do without? What food keeps for a while without a fridge?! (non scientific test fyi) You’ve got it right here. What is it with me and supermarkets? What the hell to wear on a flight? I mean...

A cheeky banana “bonus” show which although recorded in high summer feels apt as i’m on the road again this week djing in Norway.

Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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