Episode 21 shownotes: Trust in your magic + October "review" (what i learned this month!) ✨

Artwork by Sara Shakeel

Artwork by Sara Shakeel

Welcome back to I Feel for You, a podcast with me, Dionne who is a human being that uses a lot of tools to help people to feel better.

I’m a creative coach, a yoga and movement and meditation teacher, writer, dj, event sharer, experience facilitator, good smell cultivator, book addict, animal lover and connector, i think, of humans and to feelings.


It's been...quite a month!

Hereby, a delve into my thinking container and heart-gut elements this week for an impromptu, candid and unplanned* (*also unhinged) episode from, um, my bed office! It's part review, part "learning moment" and part honest real talk about what's going on lately, with loving reminders sprinkled throughout. Especially if you are prone, like me, to overdoing it! Doing the most! Going above and beyond!

overdoing it

I really hope it speaks to you and holds you gently 💜

Special feature and partner- calamity moment with none other than his excellency, Finemann!


Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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