Episode 22 shownotes: That scary as hell thing you want to do? Here's your reminder + a guide to doing it

One of our patron saints, Tracee Ellis Ross

One of our patron saints, Tracee Ellis Ross

Welcome back to I Feel for You my darling!

Cause it’s officially “spooky szn”, today, we are talking about FEAR, specifically in relation to that scary as hell thing you want to do, and a guide to dealing with the stuff that scares you so you can get on with it!

This is for those of you who have yet to heed the call of a guttural yearning, yet stuck as to how the hell you can make your dream happen, or you’re overwhelmed with fear at where to begin, I’m going to share some things that helped me on my 33 year journey. Yeah, hoping i can save you some time too babes so cosy up with me. Let’s face the fear together.

Come, take my hand, i’ve got you. You’ve got this. WE’VE got this!

…Take THAT, fear!

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dionne ❤️

farewell fear!

I really hope it speaks to you inspires you to take the leap! 💜


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