Grief, sadness + life online 🖤 // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 31

I Feel For You podcast episode 31

Firstly, i want to send love and solidarity with anyone going through it these days.

These last few weeks/months/years have been a lot....and in these times of collective grief, when i feel enveloped in sadness and wrapped in feelings, i find it difficult to do very much at all. In fact, it can seem absurd in the face of things.

Dealing with overwhelming information online that is difficult to digest, served via a relentless infinite scroll, then somehow having to get up, function and continue in the real world, is becoming a more common occurrence many of us are experiencing as we spend more time online.

I’m slowly learning the necessity of giving space to a feeling. Be it joy or sadness or whatever. Of course, is if it’s possible to do so.

Learning to hold space for our feelings and take care of ourselves (especially in these times) is a process, but it’s so beneficial for us and everybody around us.

So i’ll be sharing notes from my own journey and offering some tips and resources to support you.

I really hope this helps.

Love, dionne x


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