Resources for grief + sadness in difficult times

resources for grief + sadness in difficult times.jpg

my god. today is hard. feeling so desperately sad at the normalisation of hatred, Islamophobia and racism in this world. NZ friends...i don't know what to say that doesn't sound like empty words hoping to comfort you in these times. But you are in my thoughts.

how do we deal with our grief, individually and collectively?

Muslim friends around the world, what can we do? what do you need? Is there anything i can support you with?

please feel free to comment below or if you'd prefer, DM me. here for you.

today i'm listening to some of my own advice for when the world (irl+ online) feels too much...
so sharing some resources if you too are wading through grief and sadness. 💜
take care of you and your loved ones

Hope there's something useful for you.

love dionne 💜