Episode 14: Self care tips for managing the online world (when feeling all the feels gets too much)

feeling feelings

Empaths! Feelers! Humans! Unite!

This one’s for those of you who like me, feel it all. 💜💦

We are exploring ways to balance staying informed and maintaining our own mental health in the age of timelines.

To those of you who want to be involved in changing the world but struggle to balance the feels of sadness, pain and grief, we’re exploring tools to implement into your days that can support you to process the feels.

I feel you. And i’m with you. So i’m sharing some ideas that i hope will be useful for you, so that you can move beyond the freeze of emotional overwhelm, without ignoring or bypassing what’s there. The world needs your compassion and feelings, so treasure your sensitivity my friends.

Let me know how you go - and as always, feel free to hit me up via the show email, or comment below with your own thoughts and ideas! 💌

Hope you dig!

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