Episode 15: Staying cool in the Summertime + dealing with Copycats 😎

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Hello darlings... (purred in Ethel voice!)

It me! Dionne joined by my alter ego Ethel 💃🏽! And you probably garnered from the title we are going “in” this week, with our take on Copycats. Well, that and ways to stay cool in this hot hot heat (if you’re experiencing this heatwave in Europe, the US, Canada and the Middle East)

It's basically a hangout with us and a very honest and frank chat about what’s been going down this week, featuring tips to stay cool + my take on copycats (and what i’ve learned on my own journey!)

So you could say this week, it’s a spicy (vegan?) meatball! A great gallagh! A full monty! (ugh, i cringed at that, sorry bbs).

We're out here on these streets delivering a hot steaming bake of truth for your insides. Truth and ponderings. 

With some shared “learning moments” based on life, um, “situations”. I really hope it’s going to be useful or at least an interesting chew.

⚡️*contains swearing because Ethel cannot help herself. sorry tender ears* ⚡️

⚠️ also contains a really bad Norwegian accent! 

Let me know how you go - what you think, what you feel, and as always, feel free to hit me up via the show email, or comment below with your own thoughts and ideas! 💌

PS check out my latest Copycats revisited blog post - a deep delve into the concept of copycats, the bigger picture, and more personal learning moments. Plus shady GIFs. Obviously.

Hope you dig!

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How you can take a holiday when you can't "take a holiday" - Blog post

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