On: Finding Flow


Possibly one of the most challenging things i’ve learned is to remember to stay in flow as frequently as possible. Above everything else, it’s vital to find the things that move you, that give you life, or that pull you out of a gravel pit as and when you need.

For me, a few minutes (possibly hours on difficult days...) of memes, Vines and A Different World are quick reboots for bringing me back (please can we have them back Netflix?). Other times it might require a physical experience, movement via rolling on the floor, or a walk outside.

Finding your flow is a personal thing. 

What i know for sure is that when i’m in flow state, everything is better.
Easier, i think. Not necessarily “easy”, but there’s a little less resistance in the way.
Which means i can listen better. And respond accordingly.

One of the greatest “flow” practices that never fails to support me after 9 years of consistency (and prior to that, 9 years of an on-off relationship with them!) is Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages.
…i know, i talk about them a lot. But it’s something i share in workshops, retreats and with my coaching clients too (anyone who seems interested in exploring them tbh). Cause i’ve seen them work for so many people!

If you’re interested, Ketil made a guest post talking about them here.

And also in this podcast episode + transcript where i get a bit more into journaling and the free-flow feeling which might offer some tips for finding the stuff that ignites the feeling of joy (which i think is the greatest signpost when we look for what helps us to feel “in flow”.

I’m curious what helps you get into the flow state?

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