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What music helps you to feel free?

Is there a record you love that evokes freedom to you? 

Perhaps an album that represents a time in your life when you felt your potential so clearly? Or nostalgia as you were exploring new territories?

I’d love to know! 

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here’s my inspiration and motivation to keep going. hbu?

Reflections on being a solopreneur for the past 9 years. It’s been hard. And often a path that had me questioning, “…should i give up?!”
But something drives me, like Others, to keep going, despite the challenges.
And there’s lots of us out here, doing our best in this crazy world to make best of it the way we can.
And hopefully align with something that pings our pants on the journey.

Here’s my motivation. Let’s talk about yours! x
PS this blog might be a good accompanyment to my latest podcast episode 32!

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