I’ve always hated writing bios….


Perhaps it has to do with the pressure to present, restricting oneself into a short paragraph which doesn’t tell much of our story. Sure, accolades are great, but i’m interested in the journey and the process that brought us to that point.

So much of this world is fixated on a result. A statistic. A number. A ranking.

What does that tell us really?

What are we measuring this against?

I’m interested in the process. The heroine’s journey. All the factors and tiny decisions made that brought us to that place.

What did we learn?

How did we seemingly fail?

What struggles did we encounter?

And how did we move through that?

Despite our traumas or patterning or limiting beliefs.

Give me the grit. Cause those contain jewels.

This alchemy, the result of you choosing to show up, get up and move forward. Even if that meant laying in bed to lick wounds for however long it took.

This contains jewels too. Healing in action. For sometimes we don’t notice the catalyst that enabled us to get out of bed. To choose to get dressed and face the world again.

The courage it takes to hold an idea, to nurture it with possibility and sometimes wavering trust. Enough at least to grow into something.

That becomes something else.

That grows and changes and evolves and might die, but becomes something else.

It’s our story.

Our own unique process.

With significant tiny catalysts.

That enable our life to be what it is.

Magnificent and whole and perfect.

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