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📷 Nadine Ijewere

📷 Nadine Ijewere

Hello darlings,

Back for another helping of things that have inspired me lately, i really hope they will serve you too.

I always love to hear what you are digging lately, so feel welcome to share your own in the comments!

Let’s do it! (this is one of my all-time fave songs by the way!)

A tree grows in Lisbon 🌴

this is cool!

let your creativity run wild!

This photoset is full of the joys of Spring!

Failure teaches us who we are (a NYT article)

Many of the people I admire lead lives that have a two-mountain shape. They got out of school, began their career, started a family and identified the mountain they thought they were meant to climb — I’m going to be an entrepreneur, a doctor, a cop. They did the things society encourages us to do, like make a mark, become successful, buy a home, raise a family, pursue happiness.

People on the first mountain spend a lot of time on reputation management. They ask: What do people think of me? Where do I rank? They’re trying to win the victories the ego enjoys.

These hustling years are also powerfully shaped by our individualistic and meritocratic culture. People operate under this assumption: I can make myself happy. If I achieve excellence, lose more weight, follow this self-improvement technique, fulfillment will follow.

But in the lives of the people I’m talking about — the ones I really admire — something happened that interrupted the linear existence they had imagined for themselves. Something happened that exposed the problem with living according to individualistic, meritocratic values.

Lol, speaking of convention, a skit on some very Auntie behaviour

Dear, Black Love I love this series…

"Loving a Black woman feels like a privilege."

I Wanted to Change the World for Gay Black People. Starting With Myself. (a NYT article)

“I just wanted you to know that our love is possible.”

I’m working on a book based on my Times article, “Queer Love in Color,” a celebration of the joy and romance that queer couples and families of color share. Here’s how it came about — and how you can help.

My brown girlhood: no sleepovers, revealing clothes or boyfriends

Re-read this a few times laying down holding my chest.

Guava Island

The island girl in me felt deeply nostalgic. Have you seen it? What did you think?



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