Intentional connection in disconnected times - a dictaphone minisode! 📼 // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 33

Wellness podcast

We have more opportunities to connect than ever before, yet sometimes it feels like we are more isolated…. 

a message for anyone who might need to hear it.

a storytime

about me reconnecting after a while.

and stepping out of my comfort zone.

and what i learned.

i really hope you enjoy it.

oh also, cause this was super lo-fi Partridge style, a warning that the audio will sound a little different than usual.

part of the unhinged charm i guess? 

i love you and appreciate you and i can’t even deal with how emotional i get when thinking about your response to the last episode. thank you. thank you.

really hope you enjoy this minisode.

me - i mean Alan- and his dictaphone

me - i mean Alan- and his dictaphone


Do you ever send yourself voice notes?
Like Alan Partridge, when he takes down his ideas for tv shows on his dictaphone (when he wants his second series)?

“notes to self”

“audio message reminders”

“voice recording moments?”

…just me?


i recently made an audio journal which i thought might be useful for someone out there.

…actually, thats a lie, Ketil persuaded me to share this with you. because he knows how much i get off on connection.


that sounded weird.

i mean…

he knows how important connection is, in everything i do. authentic connection. with self and with others.

and some of you might know, the last couple of years living with this chronic illness has meant i’ve sometimes found it hard to connect. 

cause i’ve been embarrassed and shy and scared and anxious and depressed.

and unsure where felt safe.

and with whom.

…was that the correct usage?


this is a “minisode”. Hah! A 17 minute “mini”.

it’s about my mailbox which sounds extraordinarily boring but bear with me…

its about overwhelm, burnout, and anxiety.

and surrendering for a while.

and dealing with shame. 

dealing with dark times. 

and the process of coming back. 


reaching out. 

perhaps still being ashamed but realising theres nothing to be ashamed of. 

and that there is everything to gain from this healing learning moment. 

cause you’re never alone in your struggles, challenges and difficult moments, even though we might think we are.

that you can tap into remembering what brings you joy. and how. and with who (m?!)

connection is at the heart of this episode. and how more than ever, in these disconnected times, we can show up for each other.

I’d love to know your thoughts and answers to my questions in the show!
thank you for being here. i appreciate you.


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